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Demon Speaks Through Husband
Do not be afraid of sleep talking in another language. Reference your bible. You are speaking to God directly.

Romans 8:26 ESV

Likewise the Spirit helps us in our weakness. For we do not know what to pray for as we ought, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words

Satan Chose Woman For Anti-Christ
i believe stan can choose a woman if he wanted to. if a regular average man dwells over to satan be would be no match for jesus. jesus was born by mary right? then for the anti christ to level up to jesus or be his rival than he must be supernatural. or born like jesus. a regular human man is useless satan would have to create a anti christ like the lord created jesus and be born of a human.

Judge People To Hell
it is not fair for us to judge other is for the person to decide who they are. didnt god create us so we can choose wether or not to worship him or another? if you judged another person then you would be the same as the devil.i believe that we are all equal and that we have the right to be and choose who we are.

How To Make BoyFriend Love God
I am a Christian and was married to a Christian man who left me straight after the loss of our baby. Years later I have rebuilt my life with a non Christian man who loves and treats me with more respect than I have ever known possible. He is a very decent honest and kind man whom has never been as blessed as myself with the teachings of our Lord. Maybe I am his chance to know The Lord.. (my family disagree). I do not want to compromise my Faith I love Jesus more, but don't want to leave my man behind. I wasn't left behind, don't we all deserve a chance to know The Lord?...

My Boyfriend Is An Atheist
I know exactly what u mean. My boyfriend is atheist and I'm christian. That's how he grew up. I can't explain in words so I feel about him...that's why I wanna help him change. But Im no t sure exactly how to say it...

Obama's Microchipping Healthcare
Kevin: You say we've been micro-chipping animals for years, & are basically asking what the big deal is. The big deal is this, the anti-christ will place a chip with all your info and his mark in your right hand or forehead...thanks, but no thanks. Personally I do not believe in micro-chipping anyone, animal, or human.
All the info on taking his mark is right in front of us in Revelation...I don't know how you could ask that question, as a christian.

Not Attracted To Him
I may be wrong but it seems like some males are offended at the thought of a woman not being physical attracted and ironically, it seems that most men incl. christens, have a double standard. They will not usually consider a woman they aren't attracted to but get irritated when women feel likewise. The bottom line is that only the LORD can guide you. If you are not seeking and trusting in Him 1st-then you I believe aren't ready to be married. He is the one whom should guide our relationship with thru Jesus needs to be strong enough that we can lean and follow His will. Why the hurry or press? Seek the LORD and take comfort in His unconditional love.

My Boyfriend Died
I lost my beloved boyfriend in an accident 2 years ago. 3people died on the spot. You could imagine how high the impact of the car. I love him very much. He love me too. I need him.. Hope i can meet him and be with him next generation and next next generation.. Hope he can keep the promise. I love you forever,Alan !

Holy Spirit On These Blogs
It is different for everyone. I personally have experienced the tingling in my limbs,scalp and neck, I have felt the weight of the Lord pressing me down, I have felt His fire and had parts of my body feel extremely hot(NO PAIN). Then there is feeling His joy, peace and love. Which feels like a Father's joy, peace and or love.

Love To Dance For God
Totally Scriptural-David's worship 2 God. Many Christian churches R teens/young adults incorporate original dramas/dance skits.WE'RE called where kids R & "take it 2 the streets".We NEVER ask 4 money/love offering(could use it!)God supplies:they may feed us.At times they hand R director an envelope($50-200):gas-5 vehicles,make simple no pattern costumes,sound system, equipment,stage(stretch black knit/twisty ties/30 black poles we join together)takes 2 hours 2 put up & it tears.

What Day Is The Sabbath
Tell your friend that EVERY day is the Sabbath! Daily we should worship Jesus as Our Savior & Lord. It was the Pharasees and Sadducees using ridiculous questions that loved to question Jesus just to try to trick him up. People let's get away from argumentation and legalism (what to wear to church, people smoking, gluttony, length of hair,), it's about the INWARD man and NOT the OUTWARD man. Look at their heart and the fruit they produce.

OK For Christian To Leave
First,there's a reason why they went from dating/love/marriage with all the benefits. Something changed,you need to find out or get someone to.Are they a domestic violator?What's your definition of "tormentor?!" Pauline principal for divorce: fornication- they want to leave.You can divorce if they're using domestic violence on you/ child.If you were saved AFTER marriage, & they don't like it,you can't divorce.Ask God to change them.Get some solid PRAYER warriors!What's this rush to remarry?!

Watching Crime TV A Sin
For U 2 ask,U KNOW it's wrong 2 watch them. Do U like cussing/sexual innuendos/murder/ passionate love scenes/adultery/violence/ soap opera continuational shows?The purpose IS 4 U 2 return,it's happening.What's missing in UR life U HAVE 2 watch?The devil draws/pulls in/sucks U in his vacuum cleaner of dirt/filth.He knows R weakness/ uses them/uses US while he laughs at Jesus shed blood 4 R sins.Repent/ditch these programs b 4 UR hooked,you're a slave 2 them.Flee from the devil in the name of Jesus!

How Can God Send People To Hell
GOD NEVER sends ANYONE to hell! People send themselves in many different ways. Just read the scriptures of those who did go: "rich man's" words to the beggar, those who will go (2 Timothy), and those who act like they don't care if they do. Some deceive themselves into thinking it's one great big party. It's being all ALONE separated from others knowing what they could have had if they had just accepted Christ and lived for Him.

Cheating Husband And Two Kids
i was in the same position 2 years and 4 months ago.and i must say it is hard but you need to have faith in yourself and build yourself up,i told my children that their father being with other woman is not our fault but it is the way god chose it to be.he opened our eyes to what was going on behind our backs cause god has a bigger and better plan for us that does not envovle him or his betrayel.

Advice About My Current Affair
personally you people that split up or come between a married couple should be ashamed of yourself and the blame lies with you guilty parties not the betrayed wife.pray to god you never feel the pain and sadness you put the wife through cause your wanting a relationship with her husband,think about the children if he has any that you have destroyed their relationship and the way they will now look at you and their father.

Advice About My Current Affair
ask yourself this if he told you he loved his wife and that everything was great between them would you still have the affair with him? remember your the one he is lying to cause he is keeping you secret....and god wil not bless such a union or children that result even if he leaves his helped him break a vow not only to his wife and children but to god.....if you can live with that than by all means continue living in sin for the rest of your life.

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