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Affair With My Wife's Sister
Indifference, lack of interest.

It's funny, but the Boss always knows when someone has been stealing from the till.
Walls of sin only come down when the sinner acknowledges it.
Your husband knows, don't think he doesn't.

Did Adam And Eve Go To Heaven
Jimbo, that's a hoot. It's too late to give them a copy of "Garden of Eden for dummies". If they couldn't obey God in the cool of the garden, a manual wouldn't have helped them. I suppose they've had time to rethink things. Do you think they'll apologize? Or will they be the "Bickersons" all over again, "It was that wife you gave me!"

Husband Left Me Yesterday
Goodness gracious, sakes alive, Sally -
John T. is not meeting this lady for a cup of Joe. Don't get legalistic on us, he offered a listening ear, on a blog site, neutral ground. Now you're assuming way too much.

Is The Soul Immortal
You believe in E.White as your prophet, that would be a false prophet with a false revelation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Is The Soul Immortal
You don't believe in hell, TS.
That would be a mormon belief.

Prayer For Ice Cream In Face
~"Phish Food"~ by Ben and Jerry's

Is Drinking Wine A Sin
TS, so which is it - Mormon or aetheist?
The beliefs are the same.

Have You Learning Anything
You seem really jealous, TS.
Others have more knowledge than you do about doctrines. Yours is a hodgepodge of here a little, there a little and none of it makes any sense. Jesus is a Levite. Bologna.

Are Nephilim Angels Real
TS, MikeM., SLCguy likes to talk about nephilim, too.

"I think you mean the book of Enoch, quotes in Jude. It was considered by many to be inspired, and others did not accept it. It reads like Revelation. OK to read? Who would tell you not to read it??
---MikeM on 12/2/06"

Is Drinking Wine A Sin
T.S., TS and all the other monikers are pushing it to the razor's edge. 'They' cannot help 'themselves'.
If your name is used again, don't let it bother you.

Our Reasoning Causes Problems
SLCguy,MM became a mormon some time ago..

I do not believe in sola scriptora, it was coined by Luther, yet he rejected it later, as he rejected James and the Epistles of Peter. Sola Scriptora reduces the Bible to a talisman. It is the hallmark of protestantism, and I am not a protestant.

---SLCGuy on 3/5/06

Our Reasoning Causes Problems
The Moderator was correct, unforgiveness for his family is the issue.
If the mormon church wasn't adequate enough to answer all of his questions, I guess he had to return here to get rid of all that anger. The mormons probably got tired of it somewhere along the line.

Our Reasoning Causes Problems
One person here who operates under a prophetic anointing was going on about his insights into scripture. So I'm wondering about that prophetic gift.

Speaking In Tongues Fake
Observer is correct, john.
He was speaking to MikeM., who under SLCguy gave us all the same reels that we're having to read over and over again.
SLCguy said he was not a protestant, which indicates to me that MikeM. became a mormon somewhere along the line. Unless he's faking all of it, which he could be. He likes reason and a wrestling match. I think some would call it Oppositional Defiant Disorder.

Speaking In Tongues Fake
What Observer is saying is that MikeM. is kicking against the very thing his new church practices. If MM thinks he's going to give the mormons the whatfor's, he's in for a rude awakening. They'll snap that arrogance right out of him. I think MM is probably in the right place with his reasoning powers.

Speaking In Tongues Fake
Observer, while I have you on the horn, why don't you start a new blog.
No rabid, insane bloggers allowed.
I'll help you fight off the crazies so that the tenured bloggers feel comfortable coming back for discussions. It's time. We are strong as a united front. The oldies but goodies, no hard-hearted need reply.

Speaking In Tongues Fake
There are two or three that are ruining the blogs. With fanatic, pedantic, didactic posting, they've tried to build a fortress for themselves. I don't care what they write, I don't care what they say, and I don't read it. It's enabling some sort of malfunction, disfunction. Stable bloggers, come back. The daniels, bruces and everyone else, share that knowledge with us.

Newest Prayer Blog
Stink-bugs have been squashed all over these blogs. That's not to be confused with the stink-eye. Can you imagine the faces that are being made behind these screens? All sorts of childish manuevers. Eyes rolling, sticking out of tongues, raspberries. All ranges of emotional outbursts.
I use an anti-inflammatory agent to decrease the production of potent words.
I slip, then run to the toity and give myself a swirly.

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