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Name Some Good Worship Music
My favorite is Casting Crowns :)

I Hate Christmas

Are you a Catholic? I am one and I have always been taught that December 25 is Jesus' birthday. But I would love to see the reason why his birthday is on September.
I know Christmas is a time of giving and sharing God's love with everyone. I have learned through Religious Education how to give gifts to Jesus is by giving gifts to others, and praying.

God Bless,

I Hate Christmas
Oh, and I did forget to mention about Jesus being born stories always read during the Christmas holiday.

I Hate Christmas
Try this for the next Christmas:
Invite God into whatever you are doing for that holiday. Celebrate Jesus' birth since that day is his birthday! Think about what gift giving and receiving means. It's good to give. For the parties, just invite God to come along and see if there's any difference. Remember what Christmas is all about. Try to bring that out in whatever you are doing.

Is Wearing A Cross Wrong
I'm a Christian. Ever since I was a child I have been wearing a cross necklace around my neck. I don't see this as bad or anything. To me, it symbolizes that I am Christian and I believe in God. Also, I love wearing it. Now, it doesn't have a picture of Jesus on it like you mentioned, but it's still a cross. Some people wear religious things as it symbolizes what they believe. I don't see it wrong showing you believe in Jesus Christ. If it is wrong, then priest, nuns, lay ministers, and other religious people are wrong. Because I know they have a few pictures of the cross and Jesus. Jesus died on the cross. Truth being shown.

I Like To Steal Things
Have you gone to confession? Have you tried praying to God and admitting your action was wrong and not what God wants from you? Try confessing and being truthful to yourself. Don't let stealing control you. If you stole in your past life then forgive your past. Let God guide you.

Keep Committing Adultery
First of all, God is always looking at you! He will never turn away from you! He loves you and has been waiting for you to come back to him. Maybe confession will work? And if you are truely sorry for your sins then let God help you. Let him guide you. Put him first in your life and in everything you do.

Why Does God Test Us
God loves all of us. We all have to go through tests at some point in our life. In fact, Jesus even went through some! Remember the 40 days in the desert and the serpent tempting him? It's the test of God's love. Do we really put him first in our life? Also, it makes us remember that God is there and he will not leave us. If we didn't have tests then our spiritual journey to him would be so easy. Sadly, that's not how life is =] I like the tests because it makes me remember God.

What Is Faith Is Jesus Christ
Faith in Jesus Christ to me, is knowing and believing he is watching me and will not let me go.

Ministry Or Family First In Life
Though it may be hard, God has to come first in your life. I learned this in a faith sharing group from an acquaintence. It was all she could talk about for a relationship. Basically anything that you do, let God be #1 =]

How To Receive Christ
Christ died for our sins, that alone has a very big impact in my life- to think that someone loved us so much to die for us. But that alone hasn't helped me become closer to God and know him. I am still searching to know him and understand where I am at in my spiritual journey. Right now, I feel as if I am lost. But I do know in the back of my head that God is reaching out his hands ready to greet me at the door with open arms. When I am ready, I will find him.

I Am A New Christian
First question, how far are you away from Erie? If you are not too far away, I would suggest TEC (To Encounter Christ). It's for 17+ and yes, adults do join as well if you are an adult not sure you should join. It's a very exciting event that will help you discover Jesus and will help you build your faith. I have made it myself in 2006 and still look back on it as a very memorable moment!

God Bless,

Sinful Memories Of The Past
Have you tried going to confession? Maybe confessing the sin will help. You may not forget immediately, but may fade after awhile. Maybe it's just your conscious telling you you need to let go, or forgive the past. I find the best way to do that is to go to confession :)

God Bless,

Best Parts Of The Bible
I would suggest talking to a priest. I found when I was struggling that priests were a wonderful help for me. They could even suggest Bible verses or stories you can read! If they don't suggest anything right away, just ask :)

Do I Work A Job
Do what's best for you with keeping God first. God has to be put first in everything. Remember, WWJD (what would Jesus do?). Pray to God and he will help you :)

Can Obama Save The Economy
Even if he doesn't save the economy, at least he tried. I believe he will save the economy, but I know others have their doubts. I can't judge someone else's belief because I don't keep up with the news. But from what I have kept up with, I really do believe he will be the start of saving the economy.

How To Please God
We please God by our actions and words. If we help somebody, we are pleasing God. Follow his ten commandments and you shall be pleasing God. I am sure there is more, but I have much to learn about my faith. So, there's a few things on how to please him :)

God Bless,

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