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Can Women Be Pastors
It absolutely amazes me how so many people are quick to judge or accuse others and to place a LIMIT on God. No where in the Bible does it say women are not to be Pastors. It says Jesus is the head of the man and the man is the head of the woman. Woman are to submit and men are to love their wives as Christ loves us. Paul did say he would not place a woman as a leader referring to the Ephesian women. The Ephesian women were new Christians and uneducated, and not ready to lead. There were several women leaders according to Paul....Priscilla,Phebe,Mary, Tryphena,Tryphosa,Euodias,and Syntyche. Not to mention Mary Magdalene, Christ's first apostle after He was risen.

Do Christians Have To Fast
Earl...buddy...Jesus did fast. He fasted 40 days at which time He was tested and tempted by the devil. Sometimes I wonder exactly what Bible some people are reading. The whole deal with fasting is not for your own gain. You are to fast for God's glory.

You don't fast for monetary gain, to lose weight, to be healed, or for any other personal benefit. You fast for others and to show God's glory. Sorry the repeat, but some folks don't get it the first time around.

What Is Word Of Knowledge
People, people, people. If the word you receive is truly from God, He will confirm it some way. Through scripture, through a stranger, through a daily devotional, etc. When people say things like God loves you, etc., they are speaking a prophecy over you. Not all prophecy is some grand event. It is simply edifying a person. God always knows when we need a word of encouragement. A Word of Knowledge is just that. If you have been seeking His knowledge He will tell you if you listen for His still small voice. It may come from a prophet but not necessarily. Whether you believe it or not God still does signs and wonders and even a miracle at times. "Lets those who have ears to hear..."

Attend Baptist Or Pentecostal
No one can tell you what congregation to attend. It is obvious by the replies you have received already. Remember, when Christ walked the earth there were two groups of people, the Jews and the Gentiles. There were no other congregations or groups. Even John the Baptist was NOT a Baptist. He baptised but he was not a Baptist. (Another word in itself.)

I recommend that you pray and allow the Holy Ghost to lead you. Visit several congregations. You will know the right one when you find it. Do not search by denomination. Search by prayer and the Holy Ghost.

Rapture Of The Church
I would like to respond to your Rapture question but my word count says it is 717 words long. I am a scientist (B.A.) and have been a Christian 60 years. My proof comes directly from the Bible and is irrefutable by any rational, reasoning person. The Scriptures are shown in Table form so their cross connection is clear.

However, I will not provide my e-mail address if it is going to be published on the internet.

The ressurection, rapture, judgement, rewarding of the good and rewarding of the bad are all going to happen in the twinkling of the eye on the "last day", just as Paul wrote.

Woman Through Medical Procedure
I do not think its wrong however, I believe that even though by law their legal, biblically he will always be a man because he will never be able to get pregnant and have a child. that is what separates men and women is the womb. I am a Gay man I do not think its wrong for anyone to marry the one they love.

Christians Play Secular Music
I think it is different for every Christian. My Mom listened to all types of music and was able to stay in the word and church as always. Personally myself I feel that I should stay away from it and listen only to Gospel music. so, what ever yo feel God is leading yo to do that is what you do.

I Had A Demonic Dream And You
I've had demonic dreams as well... just a few months ago i had a dream that seemed to turn to reality when i woke up. But i grabbed the word of God and started to read it aloud... eventually i received an amazing peace from the Father.

Wearing Jeans To Church
I would rather be in church humbly wearing jeans than avoiding church because I don't have clothes as beautiful as a strutting Christian peacock.

Who is Myles Munroe?
If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin and will heal their land. (Joe 10/13/07, Rob 10/15/07, Richard 10/16/07, Anne P. 11/27/07, Nita 12/31/07) Read the Bible show your more the flesh.
2 Chronicles 7:14.

Is Fear Lack Of Faith
Fear is faith in the wrong things. Think about it. Your faith is going to work for you wherever you plant and water it. According to the Word of God, your faith will produce. Look what happened to Job, "That which I have feared the most has come upon me." If you put faith or fear in the negative things, then that is what you're going to receive.

False Prosperity Message
No I do not. I believe those type of statements are made out of fear and a lack of biblical understanding. Religion teaches that you have to be poor and down and out, but the Word of God says otherwise. Read 3 John 1:2. Read Malachi 3:10-12. How can we as Christians be a blessing or an example to others if we're barely able to pay our bills or put food on the table? How is that going to persuade anyone to become a Christian?

Do Christians Have To Go To Church
When God inspired Paul to write "forsake not the assembling of yourselves together", I can assure that he did was not referring to what we call churches today. Most of todays churches have been founded by man not God. They pervert the gospel by adding their own traditions and rules to it. Therefore they are not the "yourselves" that God was speaking of. You had better make sure you are not assembling with such a group.

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