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Remarried To My Husband
People, please remember the Bible says and the two became one. I don't see how so many can just pretend like they were not one. I heard that divorce is like cutting off a leg when you just had a splinter. Who do you know that has a leg missing and doesn't miss that leg?

Remarried To My Husband
Are the people responding been through this before or are ya just giving ya's two cents? I would like to hear from some people that have a true testimony. Someone that has been in similar situation. I too would like to know if reconciliation is possible. I thank you for your testimony Fawn cause your's is the first I read that ended again (at least up to this point). I am praying that God would bring hedges against my former spouse like He did with Gomer in the book of Hosea.

Affair With My Wife's Sister
I think it is amazing how every "Christian" here throws out their judgements upon thee. Judge not though be judged.

Life is difficult and we ALL sometimes make decisions when there is turmoil within our lives that we later regret. We ALL make decisions when there is NO turmoil that we later regret.

What all of you "Christians" should be doing is trying to emphathize, offer advice and repentance, not passing down judgement as if you were God.

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