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Breast Cancer Making Me Sick
Praise the Lord Mary that you can say you have no relationships sufeffering from unforgiveness.

MarkV, you went overboard a long time ago, and have been there for a while.

Breast Cancer Making Me Sick
Unforgiveness is like a poison. It is drinking the wrong someone has done to you instead of partaking of what Jesus did for you. You can't ingest poison and not experience the side effects. Unforgiveness becomes bitterness and bitterness and need of healing are linked together in Exodus at the bitter waters of Marah. Since forgiveness is more for you than the person who wronged you, unforgiveness is a form of self-destruction. It may not be the cause of every cancer, but it sure doesn't help matters.

Help With Husband's Anger
if you are in day to day fear of getting hurt, your husband has betrayed his vows, and you should at least separate for a while. and make it clear to him that something needs to change. if he refuses, you may have to make some tough choices. my wife and i used to beat each other up. spit in each others faces. it was bad. i was very ashamed and so was she. we used to set each other off and we were both guilty. we almost separated for good. but we both repented and humbled ourselves and prayed together. we now have two beautiful kids and have not had a physical fight in 8 years. praise god. we have a really good relationship now. god will answer your prayers. pray for healing, peace, and patience.

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