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What Does 666 Mean
666 is the number of the beast. who is the beast? the devil. why is this his number? because it is a human number and somhow it is to do with numerology. God has his reasons for useing that particular number but man hasnt really discovered it as yet. but i believe it is the number for man, the beast in man, the devil in man. ???bible code is all about numbers and maybe it has its meaning in cryptic style a code?

Are Demons In My Home
pray is all it takes to stop them, ever since i was a child i have had entities around some good, some bad. the more i studdied the bible as i got older the more the bad came and tryed to scare me and stop me, but it didnt stop me and only pray to god and the help of his gaudian angels can do the work to rid them. they cause sicknesses too, they stab bite scratch nd can cause pysical pain, its not because you sin, for we all sin, but usually ecause you are close to god. children see things and animals also better then we do, as they more spiritually open.if you are ever attached while you sleep, just say over and over jesus christ, it will lift whatever is on you off. its always worked for me, jesus name is more powerful then any demon. amen

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