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Good Friend Got Murdered
I'm so sorry for your lost dearest! My brother was killed in a brutal way and i know how it feels to loose a person close to your heart... i pray that Father will give you guidance as to discovering his final resting place. where did he work? they might have contact with the family... i sincerely hope you will reach your aim...
May God Almighty by His Holy Spirit cause you find your friends resting place.

Husband Lives With Brother
Dear i suggest you pray and ask the Lord for wisdom to handle this situation... if the brother has moved in already, still pray and ask for wisdom and guidance. God Bless you sister!

Must Believe In The Trinity
i believe that God is the Trinity. if you believe in God you believe in the Trinity. you cannot separate God from the Trinity. God the Father God the Son God the Holy Spirit is One. Jesus prayed in John 17 for oneness among the believers just as He and the Father and the Holy Ghost is ONE...

Dress Anyway To Church Today
why not ask the Holy Spirit help you dress up? He is sent to guide us and lead us in all aspects right? we are from different backgrounds where something might matter to one and not to the other...but what does God say... i guess it would be right to ask Father what to wear... seems strange but believe me He cares what we wear, we are His temple, i dont think He'd want us to dress anyhow. I believe the Church of Jesus Christ should consult Father in everything, dressing code inclusive!

Should I Marry An Older Girl
Fear is a very strong opponent of Faith. To fall in love at times can be uncontrolled, it just happens, however TO LOVE someone is a choice we make. you can fall in love but you choose to love that person unconditionally. this is the kinda love we are called for. i sincerely suggest that you pull back and consult the Lord and wait upon Him. Be honest with yourself, with her and especially with the Lord, cast your fears upon him for he cares for you and her. May Father grant you wisdom.

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