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Is Drinking Wine A Sin
Thanks, R.Dean for the clarification. A few of us made the same statements a few weeks ago. You have some legalistic denominational believers that have distorted Scripture to suit their new laws/commandments. Some are fundamental holiness that have manmade holiness definitions (works).

Terry Schivo Needed Tests
Dr. Death does give you the creeps.
He is an aethiest.

Is Drinking Wine A Sin
Kathr, I find your interpretation of the first miracle of Christ, highly offensive. Intensive shock value is what you live for.
Do not address my name again, Kathr.

Jesus Made Wine Or Grape Juice
Another blog about Jesus' first miracle.

Jesus' First Miracle
And another First Miracle blog.

Is Drinking Wine A Sin
catherine, Jesus turned the water into wine.
I'm sorry that hurts your feelings, but it is 100% Biblical truth. Jesus also healed on the Sabbath. Now that hurt the feelings of many back in the days of Jesus' ministry here on earth. Jesus, your Lord, turned the water into wine.

Is Drinking Wine A Sin
catherine, do you think you will be drinking Welch's at the Wedding Feast?

Is Drinking Wine A Sin
The water, used for ceremonial cleansing, turned to wine, that which only temporarily cleansed a person from sin became symbolic of the Blood of Jesus that washes clean forever (Luke 22:20).
Bridegroom saved the best till last signifying the New Covenant that permanently cleanses us (represented by wine), is superior to Old Covenant that temporarily set aside sins (represented by the water). By this miracle Jesus truly did reveal His Glory.

Is Drinking Wine A Sin
Significance - we should not get drunk, invest in expensive wine. Water represents old order of Jewish law and custom.
Messianic age foretold by prophets, a time when wine would flow liberally (Isa 55:1; 62:8-9; Jer 31:12; Hos 14:7; Amos 9:13-14). Wine is a symbol of joy. There is the "wine which makes man's heart glad" (Ps 104:15). Wedding was symbol for consummation of messianic age, symbol of the joy of God's reign (Isa 54:4-8; 62:4-5; Matt 22:1-14; 25:1-13).

Is Drinking Wine A Sin
Cannot have life in old covenant by hanging onto the old order that has been replaced. Keeping Torah, living under the old law, can never get us to the seventh day. The first wine at the wedding ran out; it failed. Jesus replaced the water of law with wine of the new covenant. He wants us to experience the joy of the wedding, to enter into a marriage relationship with Him.
The joy of the wine lies in the blood of the new covenant that has been poured out for the life of the world.

Is Drinking Wine A Sin
Enter into the joy of the wedding, the life of the messianic banquet. But in order to enter, in order to see, we have to believe, and believing demands that we let go of the old: that we take off the heavy weight of the law.
Jesus went to a wedding at Cana and transformed water into wine. If we believe, then we will see His glory. We drink the wine of His new covenant, and we enter into the joy of the wedding.

Is Drinking Wine A Sin
The six waterpots were for the purposes of purification. Made of stone, they were more impervious than earthenware. They did not contract uncleanness, which made them suitable for ceremonial washing. Their total volume was somewhere between 100 and 150 gallons.

And Jesus turned the water into wine! Make no mistake, this was real wine, and it was the best wine. They were surprised, since it was far superior to that which was served first. No one keeps the best wine for last.

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