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Husband Is Too Old For Me
I feel for you. I am in the same boat. Mine is 18 years older and quit his job. Now he has health issues and no security. No sex, no happiness, just loads of drinking on his part. I am a Christian also and have been struggling, but I think its time to get a divorce. I am resentful as heck and feel robbed. And BTW, first marriage for me. I AM 39, he is 58 and we have been married one year and been intimate three times. I feel he is using me for lonliness only. Don't waste another moment of your life. Potential happy moments are slipping away. God wants to be happy. Wallowing in this depression only creates temporary mental illness, and for what?

Got Saved And Left Me
This man had a pattern of loving and leaving from the start. I hope you did not feel his leaving you was because he got saved. I hope you do not think you could have done something different to make him stay. saved or unsaved God still gave us choices and this man's choices have been the same. It takes God and his love to rebuild our old character into his renewing our minds.. The word says we must be born again! Meaning letting the old man die, that the new man can live.your friend is just returning back to his old ways.Thank God that life goes on.Be hurt and alone no more! Jesus Christ is with you.forgive yourself and and your child still have an expected end and your new day has just begun.

Will My Wife Ever Come Back
I read your comment and I found your level of faith when you said,"I doubt if she will ever be back." Sir, your words are powerful and they determine what you speak is what you get! If you want to believe for your wife- do so...but be led through prayer. (Her leaving could be your peace and freedom)...however, if you have been called to this woman like Hosea and Gomar in the bible...Then pray and stand in faith....caution do know what you are asking for.

Techniques For Spanking Your Kids
Look I think that spanking to a certain ext. is good.....ur kids need to learn authority. i was spanked as a child (the right way, not bare bottom) and i have sooo much respect for my mo i am 24 and i still don't curse or anything n front of her. And i have friends who curse there mother's out...fight with them and everything else..and u know what they weren't spanked they were punished as a child...and look where it got there parents? My daughter is 2 yrs old and she is the sweetest most well mannered little girl(she still can misbehave thou) u will ever meet and for the most part she minds me...and adults....b/c I have taught her the right way and i don't really even have to spank her anymore!!!!

Is Bulimia A Sin Issue
I believe bulimia is definitely rooted in sin. It is a sickness and a stronghold. If you have a problem with bulimia, you should definitely seek Christian counseling. Know that you are not alone and their is hope!!!!!

Praying For A Husband
I feel for you I am the same situation. But have to wait on god and he will tell us where to go and who to see when the time is right. Unfortunately, it takes patience. so in the meantime we have to be happy with what we have. Think about what you are thankful for and you will be happy so when the prince comes he will see you happy and want what you have and want to share your happy life. God bless

Son Forgets His Homework
Probably you should help you son do home work or watch him do his home work.

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