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Can You Speak In Tongues
To all that believe in King Jesus, all your answers that you seek are in the Bible, not from man or this internet. Reference this Blog, I direct you all to 1 Corinthians 12:4 - 12:20. I suggest you read 1 Corinthians 12 - 14 for additional knowledge reference this blog.. GOD is the Strength, Jesus is the Way, Heaven is the Place, and "The Bible is the Truth".

Can I Marry A Non-Believer
Did not Christ say love thy neighbor as you love yourself? Second Commandment wasn't it? I did see anything were it said love thy neighbor only if he is a believer or not.I think if we join in marriage and one is not a christian God sees that you are willing to take a chance and I believe he will change the mind of the non believer

Who is Juanita Bynum?
My question to everybody who has something to say is, when was the last time you preached the gospel, was used to get someone saved, used miraculously by god? If we would spend more time in prayer and fasting and seeking God for change, things would change. And half of the people making comments are not even praying about it in their prayer closet. Let's examine ourselves a bit. CONTINUED-

Who is Juanita Bynum?
When you eat fried chicken, you eat the meat not the bones. Character is what God is looking for. An annointing and gift will always be, but when you get to a point where your character supercedes your annointing, then you have just begun your journey. False doctrine must be preached against, and that's not gossip. CONTINUED-

Who is Juanita Bynum?
One of the issues today is that we don't walk in present day revelation. We are caught up in titles, and annointings. The point is this, as ministers, you are suppose to be annointed, heal the sick, and cast out demons, this is what we do, it's a part of the job discription. Gifts are given without repentance so the operation of a gift and the annointing does not exempt you from the integrity of the word. I love Prophetess Bynum. I think people need to know how to eat. CONTINUED-

How To Support Saved Inmates
I just want to suggest, be there for them. I was in prison and did a six year term, and it really would have helped to have some kind of support. As of now, I do Bible study with inmates through Crossroad, and the Lord has really been moving. Amen

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