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Living With My Boyfriend
Cluny you said "Make sure he's registered for all home health care he can receive and LEAVE." well His parents taking care of his bills until he gets out and his kids took care of paperwork with his work short term disability, he was going to retire early in 4 years but if he can't work he has partial retirement he can take too. took over his parents home after they retired and moved, pays no rent also has a twin brother so I'm not worried if he won't be taken care of his family is capable they just keep saying it's my job to take care of him when he gets out.

Living With My Boyfriend
Bryan you said "your faith gave you 15 years together" in a way yes one of the fruits of the spirit is longsuffering.

Living With My Boyfriend
Only one time I could have gotten out, 2007 I got an apartment secretly, he found receipt in my purse next day, he flipped out kicking walls screaming begging me not to, would marry me bought me a ring then refused to set date, told me wait and lay off his butt about it or it wouldn't happen if I didn't, so didn't mention it again until the month leading up to his stroke Sept this year because I believed God woke me up, wanted me to leave. Arguing about marriage he would always say if I had "relations" with him more he would, now he said "I would marry you if you didn't rely on everything from me" which I don't I buy everything for my daughter and I, he "puts roof over my head" the phrase is embedded in my brain

Living With My Boyfriend
I have not had "relations" with him for at least six months or more and the mean stairs and verbal abuse was picking up which always does when I refuse it so I was planning my escape so to speak and three days before he had the stroke while cooking dinner he said "give me some sex" I said "no were living a lie, were not married, marry me then" he said "You don't even know the truth"

Living With My Boyfriend
Bryan Sorry living with someone 15 years does not make you married in God's eyes. I asked him the same question and his response was the Samaritan woman at the well, Jesus said to her you have been married five times and the one you live with now is not your husband, so that scripture right there proves living together is not marriage

Thoughts On Precepts Bible Study
right now, I am not very impressed, I had to miss the 2nd class and it is without ANY direction on Chapter 3 of Romans .. and you can find ANY help on line .. so not very impressed

Do Men Want Big Women
I think that big girls need a man to to have someone to love then too and females are all the same to me

Is Cosmetic Surgery Biblical
I think its something to pray about but i guess we all have things about our bodys we would like to change. but the lord made us the way we are and he makes no junk. im not sure of exactly how i feel.

Halloween Costumes For Christians
my cousin and i have always dressed up on halloween but we always go as a bible charter. our church even gets together and we have a hallujah party where we have a costume contest and a hunted house type thing we call a "journey through hell" and a few other activities so i think halloween is only as bad as you make it god is everywhere and the devil is everywhere its just a matter of where you look.

What Is Depression
you guys made me depressed just reading everything that you all wrote!

Can You Speak In Tongues
you can speak in toungs anywhere...driving in your car..sitting or cleaning the house, it a gift of the spirit..not confined to the house of worship..just let go dont try to figure it is heavenly..not mortal...

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