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Living In The End Days
We have to apply all (positive as well as negative) events as having been performed by us as individuals, and apply that to our own lives, (not to someone elses) in order to understand the greatness of what Jesus represents.
So this represents the end days of our own carnal nature controlling our thoughts and actions.
Many add further implication and ordinance, especially those trying to be in control of others.
We do establish a high standard in ourselves at this revelation, so this may be seen as abusiveness. It all lends credibility (or detraction) to the weight of our words and prayers. Just as Jesus says.
Thus, the need for understanding His perfection and our own incompletion without Him.

How To Join A Cult
Nana, when you preach Paul, you fail to take into account his failings that brought him to repentance.
When you preach Christ, you use verses that condemn, exposing your own attempt to control. Exposing your own vindictive nature, but all the while fail to admit your own wickedness.
You fail to understand the parable of the sower.
The four types of ground are not different people.
It represents stages in our lives.
All have born fruit.
Maybe because of your misinterpretation your authority has began to be removed. Maybe you have become fearful and bitter of your control being removed.

How To Join A Cult
Good point Tzadig. We don't know how to worship, so we hang on to what has been written in the Bible.
But obviously something happens in all of our lives bringing us revelation.
Lord Jesus forgive our sight judgment of others.
Many misinterpret psalms and proverbs and letters to the churchs and create in their minds the very stipulation and old wives tales we're warned against.
These same people esteem themselves chosen by God (and themselves without fault) to lead others.
Do these 'cult' leaders then hold in contempt those that disagree with the multiple fictitious ordinance they establish?
And then begin to incorporate and pray onto others the same accusation and calamity found in scripture?

How To Join A Cult
Nana and Luke, you sound like you're both from the same church.
Do us a favor, pray with your obviously gigantic faith against those that oppress and push people out of Christian churches.
Pray against those that are actually committing the acts of which St. Paul speaks of.
But, if you did that, than you would actually be praying against yourself, wouldn't you?
But first take a deep breath and call out, "we've betrayed you Lord Jesus, we've strangled the church you were trying to build, forgive us Lord we have regressed and are content to praise You in our hearts we now give Your church to those that will produce Your fruit Lord"

How To Join A Cult
Anyways Leon, maybe this has turned into a 'what to avoid when you're searching for a church' blog.
Beware those leaders that can't admit their own fallacy. Things escalate real quick when their ideals are threatened.
And Jesus speaks of heavy loads thrust on to others.
Beware of those teaching almost exclusively 'Pauline' doctrine. Or bringing certain others' untested 'methods' to create sensation.
Personally I think some of these 'leaders' are better suited to teach an occupation rather than prop themselves up with mimicry and become greater and more faithful than anyone we've ever seen.
If someone talked about me like this, I would want to refute that. I might even start laughing.

How To Join A Cult
Luke sure brings a lot of contention on this blog and others where there should be none.
We can read for ourselves in the Bible now.
We believe on Christ.
Luke, are you trying to control this blog too?
Go Agape your wife. Maybe then you both won't try to define everyone else from Proverbs.
We're trying to identify those that pose as someone else, but are really putrid and deceitful (thus our need), not some fantastic ideal not attainable by us, that in fact you propose by (faulty assessment) and misinterpretation.
Is that really your name, Luke?

How To Get Out Of A Cult
Unfortunately, too many don't know why we believe on Christ. And this will reference many other posts.
We don't read and believe the Bible anymore.
To escape from the 'occult' would seem relatively easy, compared to escaping from a 'cultic' 'Christian' church.
But, in either, if a person will read aloud particularly the Gospels of: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, followed by consistent daily biblical study, we will find our own failings, and become able to ask and seek and finally pray aloud for ourselves to become subject to our own prayers (of healing and protection), versus others prayers of offense and cursing.
Than certainly these are granted in Jesus Holy and precious Name.

How To Join A Cult
It is sad I find myself having to pray so much protection against seemingly godly people.

If these people would see and realize and pray about and ask resolution for their own problems before they renounce others secretly, this world would be a better place.

How To Join A Cult
The deterioration of Agape love begins (began) with deceit. Same for a leaders anointing.
Maybe it is very possible, those leaders then promoting any blessing and asking of God, what they ask is not granted, or is then cursed, because they ask knowing what they promote is contemptible.

But, these 'leaders' are convinced of their own self-righteousness, and become spiritually abusive to everyone else, creating more enemies to focus their own misgivings on, bringing more judgment upon themselves.
These 'cult' leaders have degenerated to Old Testament cursing as an answer, perpetuating a curse on themselves.

How To Join A Cult
Thanks for the definition of the return of Christ, Luke.
Bravo. Totally agree.

We should contemplate the multitude and instances of Jesus appearances throughout history, and our own lives.

Hopefully those cult leaders will see this and direct their prayers to worthy pursuits, and not human conquest.

How To Join A Cult
Now to try and answer the question without referring to my own (real or imagined) betrayal.
People may become 'initiated' into these 'cults' by, like someone else mentioned, lack of support elsewhere.
By continuing to be subject to these others strange 'doctrines' and stipulation, a person, unless abiding in Christ and humility and prayer, succumbs to these peoples 'will', becoming unable to escape the shroud of gossip and confusion projected onto the victim.
Ironically, these 'cults' may even be godly people, but their refusals and accumulated superstition restrict and strangle positive growth.

How To Join A Cult
In my experience, I had watched a church become 'cultic', and could discern the chronology of distortion of the truth.
While initially there was propriety displayed and spoken, there seemed to be deviations that began around the time of the birth of their grand daughter.
And while this is a joyous occasion, there is a reckoning to be dealt with.
Who is the father? Is there not going to be an accounting of the structure here?
Do other church members become a sort of guilt offering in this situation?

Who will father the child?
Will this not create long term deficit of principles?
Evidently, the rest of their church is OK with this structure. Will they not become corrupted by the fallacy presented?

How To Join A Cult
Not to disagree with you Leon. We certainly need that personal relationship with Christ.
I think Love.wins meant just what Jesus said about the division we encounter when coming to Him.
And about leaving all else behind to be able to discern the truth of His promises through the constant distractions projected onto us today.
Where we have to substitute our selves for the incrimination written of in any accusation of the old or new testament.
We have to (and we do) put ourselves in place of any conviction levied against any person or city mentioned in scripture to appreciate what Jesus did.
Cult leaders can't fathom this and promote 'themselves' as the only authority.

How To Join A Cult
Thanks for the vote of confidence Elena9555.
Certainly all will agree this necessary for our spiritual growth. And as Candice referred to, immersion in His Word.
The ignorance of my own past brought me to reduction and ultimately, repentance.
How I loath to speak harshly of a church representing Christian faith, but there has to be an admission on their part of deception presented, if only to themselves.
These 'cults' make the aggression of scripture and violent Psalms the anthem of their preaching, warring against any who oppose 'their' will.

How To Join A Cult
These churches become cultic when some violation of ordinance is allowed for them, but not for others.
Beware if it seems as though what is taught, is in contradiction to what was just spoken by another member.
The alpha male & female deceive the subordinates, bringing subtle accusation entrenching everyone else in guilt.
This is a diversion to maintain control and power.
When this hierarchy is threatened by certain truths or conflict, bitterness and dissension erupt.
The resultant prayers, in essence, are sacrilegious.

How To Join A Cult
Another post is right on. -Jn 10:4,5
These churches become cultic. Thus their leaders become unwittingly responsible for much of the derision and controversy that surrounds them.
But these people still insist on being in control of every aspect of worship, because they 'own' the church building.
Their prayers are full of contention and blame.
They retreat to their large homes after church and watch football on Sundays.
Their big fat ego won't let someone who truly has come to the Lord Jesus worship in truth.
This because of fear, entitlement and faulty directives.

How To Join A Cult
I think these well intentioned churches unconsciously become cultic when living amongst their own compromise for so many years.
They dutifully try to promote the gospel through the years, but like the pharisees invent rules.
And when searching for answers to what is causing their own demise, blame others for some offense that they themselves commit.(but of course this is hidden and forgivable so is never addressed because now days is seen as acceptable)
Then through deception, flattery, entitlement, and coercion have their members 'pray against' what is seen as attack, creating the destruction St. Paul speaks of.

How To Join A Cult
Certainly Marc.
Jesus can only prove in our minds and hearts that our prayers of healing, protection, and resolution negate those others prayers of violence, offense and cursing.
But maybe we can only call that misinterpretation for now. This topic will not be explained correctly if some posts are omitted.
These cults are more similar to a pharaoh that will not let anyone worship God, or like guards that want to try and prevent anyone from leaving a sinking ship.

How To Join A Cult
This topic begs the questions:
Should pastors be allowed to continue teaching people, especially women and children, when they themselves fail to admit inflated ego and present their unwed daughters single parenting as acceptable by avoiding any reference to this issue?
Is this not deception and impropriety?
Does this not contaminate principle and structure in the church? In these leaders decision making?

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