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Is God A Male Or Female
Jesus said that whoever saw Him, saw the Father. Jesus was a man! He was not some sissy that could go either way! FATHER MEANS MAN.

Must We Worship Mary
emcee, that woman in Genesis was Eve. Adam named her Eve, not God. Eve meant mother of all living and that meant everyone who came into this world. God named the woman and the man both Adam! Adam is the one who called her Eve. Read it and learn! Just as Jesus was called the Son of David, we are all the children of the first man and woman. Hopefully, we will make better choices than they did.

Believe The Bible Or The Pope
2. Who in their right mind who was really a Child of God would want to have part in a religion that forbids men to marry (the bible warns us of that) and creates sexual perverts, invites them in with open arms and supplies them with innocent children who have parents so brainwashed and stupid they can't see they are handing their own children off to a bunch of devils.

Believe The Bible Or The Pope
1. Jack, the pope whoever it happens to be is a devil. The RCC was formed by satan, run by satan and he chooses who is at the top. Any man who is in the 'chair' is a liar, a pervert and an anti-christ.

Believe The Bible Or The Pope
The pope is a spirit of anti-christ. We are to bow our knees to NO man. He is just as much a pervert and pediphile as any priest who is. The pope has the power to see justice done to those men, but he always chooses to turn a blind eye or just move them to another church with more innocent victims.

Qualifications To Be Raptured
Helen, Thessalonians 4:17 is talking about the second coming. Continue on into the 5th chapter and you will find at that same time the wicked will not escape. People always stop with the verse you spoke of, but it goes on to tell what happens to the unsaved. Just as it was in the days of Noah and Lot, God put the saved aside in safety while He destroyed the wicked. The tares will grow with us until the final harvest. I have something I would really like for you to read.

Believe Catholics Or Christians
Christ is not on a cross any longer. He conquered death and the grave. Why would anyone want to keep him on the cross? Why would anyone want to crucify Him over and over in a pagan ghoulish mass? The bible clearly teaches He died ONCE FOR ALL! He rose a triumphant Savior and now sits at the Fathers right hand.

Believe Catholics Or Christians
Bread and wine turned into actual flesh and blood? yuck..God never told us to practice canabalism! I am also sure this has been done in RCC. The bible speaks of lying signs and wonders. Bon Apetit

Should There Be Women Pastors
The worldly seek answers from the world. Psychology leaves God out! God has given us all we need through Christ.
2 Peter 1:2-3 says, "Grace and PEACE be multiplied to you in the KNOWLEDGE of God and of Jesus our Lord; seeing that His divine power has granted to us EVERYTHING pertaining to life and godliness, through the true knowledge of Him who called us by His own glory and excellence." People want and easy fix and an easy believism. If that doesn't work, take a pill.

Qualifications To Be Raptured
It is odd that those who believe in the rapture will tell you all the things that have to happen first. After 3 1/2 years into the tribulation the wicked one will be revealed. They say all these things must first happen. Then they will tell you Jesus could come at any moment, even tonight! Well, so which way is it? They must not trust the rapture doctrine 100%. lol The graveyards are full of those who trusted in it. Our rapture will happen when Christ returns for the second and final coming.

Our Soldiers Being Killed In Iraq
randy, this country became morally bankrupt and paganistist as could be the day our courts declared the butchering of innocent babies legal! Why worry about rumors from a heathen land? We have gotten as far away from God as we can get right here in this so-called 'Christian' nation. We want to take our democracy to others! We need to be on our knees in sackcloth and ashes repenting before God. How can we take the mote out of someones eye with the huge beam we have in ours? WAKE UP YOU SLUMBERING SHEEP!

Salvations Through Benny Hinn
exzucuh, Hinn not only gave false prophesies, he gave exact dates he claimed God told him these things would happen on. None of them came to pass! If that isn't a false prophet, I don't know what is, do you? I heard him make some of those prophecies and you can even find live video and sound bites free online of him doing so. You can order DVDs of the programs on which he made them if you really are interested in the truth.

Can I Pray To Mary
Emcee, lol, if that was an example of love, I'll take my chances with the brutes of the world. They at least have some sense of fair play without hiding behind a holier than thou facade.

Qualifications To Be Raptured
The rapture doctrine is not taught in the bible and only came about in the last 150 years. It is one of the false teachings we were warned not to believe. It is an evil fairy tale and gross twisting of scripture. I think it is one of satans greatest masterpieces of deception.

Can I Pray To Mary
cole, anger? No, more like complete disgust. This is supposed to be Chrisians here telling the truth not presenting lies of the devil as the truth of a Holy God. If this was a site of the lost seeking the truth, my attitude would be quite different. However, the very fact that so many, like you, prefer what the devil does and still call yourselves children of God just makes me sick to my stomach.

Can I Pray To Mary
ruben, the nonsense you are referring to is a work written by a RCC bishop. The RCC did everything possible to paint a very negative picture of Luther after he came to the knowledge of the truth and told the world that the papacy was the seat of anti-christ. Try reading something that didn't come forth from the devils of the RCC. I have read it all and nothing they do surprises me. You are very gullible.

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