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Think I Never Loved My Husband
First of all, you need to pay attention to where your focus is.Alot of us have had the same feelings you are having and doubted our decisions. Answer this.Is he a good man? Does he care about you? Can you depend on him? Focus on the good in him and do not allow yourself to think negatively. Make the effort to be the best wife you can be. Love is a choice!!! I am talking from experience, I have been through this and I can tell you that I have now been married for 22 years, My husband is wonderful.We were committed to each other. More important than anything is having Jesus in your life and knowing Him and living by His example. I pray that you find true happiness.

Help With Husband's Anger
Hi, I've been reading a few posts and I'm amazed about how many abusive reltionships there are. I believe I was married (still am, just separated) to a narcissist. I can't believe how that definition fits him. But thank God someone came and rescued me. I've never been happier. I've been told I can't divorce which is ok because no adultry is involved. So my heart goes out to all those who are in verbal/physical abusive relationships, yes get out if you can, it's not easy but it's peaceful.

I Don' t Have Any Penpals
Hi Sue-You must have gotten a response this time. hang in there, it's definately not you. Have you read the directions to the first e-mail uses? It says new members should send out 10 e-mails to anyone in order the use the service, that might be what happened to you if you happened to be online when those were sent out. It is unfriendly for people not to respond but it happens. Have a great day.

Pope Received Standing Ovation
The reason the Pope received a standing ovation is because he represents all that Catholic Christians know and love, most especially Holy Eucharist, which is Christ Himself, with us, as close to us as our daily food and drink. The crowds gave him honor for taking up his cross and following Jesus in a very difficult role. Honor must never be confused with lust for power and the praise of men, as many people sometimes confuse it to be. "Pope" simply means "papa," a term of endearment taken from Paul the Apostle's name for himself as Timothy's "Father in faith."

Pope Has Place Of Jesus On Earth
Albert, your comments on authority are well spoken. Americans in general do not understand the RCC for this reason; we seem to be psychologically resistant to the concept of authority even when it's the rule of love as manifest in the Church. As for your born again experience, Christians are born again at Baptism according to the New Testament. Whether they grow in sanctifying Grace or not, is another matter. Is that your understanding too? I commend you for remaining able and willing to be friendly toward the Church. You are right, all Christianity is dependant on the RCC, a fact of history.

Thoughts Of Staint Malachy
Good for you Nancy, for considering Hal Lindsey's remarks who did research this question thoroughly. He gets his understanding from the same prophecies of St. Malachy.

58 Year Old Man Wants 29 Old Girl
Well... I like the words of support so far, but wonder what the same responders would say to me , a 45 year old women being with a 34 year old male. Is that a horse of a different color? Does age really not matter, across the board?

Pope Has Place Of Jesus On Earth
Albert, you and I have switched places, me with my Catholic conversion from Protestant Christianity three Easters ago. Thanks for your graciousness toward the RCC. You show genuine charity and virtue rather than going on the attack, which often happens when Catholics leave the Church. I respect you for this. Thanks, brother.

Thoughts Of Staint Malachy
Non-Catholic Christians have difficulty understanding where Catholics stand on many things. I know, I was a Protestant believer for 42 years before my Catholic conversion. We believe everything you have said regarding the New Testament and Salvation, of course! A great book that puts the difference into perspective, by a (former) Presbyterian minister is, "Rome Sweet Home" by Scott Hahn. It helps bridge the gap in the two worlds of understanding. I hope some of you will want this understanding. The blog is too small to explain.

Thoughts Of Staint Malachy
If you do a Google on St. Malachy and note his prophecies over the last several centuries about the Popes you will find an astonishing level of accuracy regarding the nature and character of the men who would fill that role. I think it is indeed very interesting that Ratzinger took the title of Benedict XVI, after the Olivetians. An unfortunate problem in the Church today is most Catholics and non-Catholics alike do not understand Christian history well enough to be conversant on this topic, but there is much to learn before jumping to conclusions. Study, pray, reflect.

Holy Water: Fact or Fiction
I became a Catholic three years ago after 42 years as a non-Catholic believer. There is no such thing as, "I was once Catholic and now I am born again." Catholics are born again too and it's a complex subject but worth pursuing. Holy Water has been used for centuries as especially blessed and useful for healing and consecrating oneself and one's personal effects. It's both symbolic and mystically real for sancitifying and purifying us.

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