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Custom Of Lent Come From
" It is assumed that it came from ancient paganism [....]"

Yup, I stop reading your post after this sentence......."It is Assumed"? Yup, I trust in these "assumptions" as authentic historical truths.....(sarcasm)

In IC.XC.,

Did Mary Have More Kids
" The "knew her not till" in Matthew 1:24-25 means that Joseph first had romantic relations with his wife sometime after Jesus' birth. " (Glenn)

Not so! The problem is that people always try to impute modern meaning in the words of the Holy Bible. Scriptures was not written in English, but rather Greek and Hebrew.

If we read Deuteronomy 34:6, 2 Samuel 6:23, Psalm 72:7 and 110:1 (as interpreted by Jesus in Matthew 22:4246), Matthew 11:23, Romans 8:22, and 1 Timothy 4:13, we see that in none of these passages does the word "until" ("Heos" Greek) indicate a necessary change.

In IC.XC.,

Did Mary Have More Kids
"It is obvious you are a Catholic" (Pastor Jim)

Shows how little you know.

Latin/Eastern Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox (and other minor Eastern Churches), and many Protestants Christians(i.e., Many Lutherans, Anglicans, etc) believe, as the Early Christians did, in the Ever-Virginity of the Theotokos.

Helvidius, a early heretic, believed otherwise, but Christians has always believed in the Ever-Virginity of Mary.

Believe what you will on this subject. I will just follow how the ancient Greek Fathers interpreted the passages listed and the statements by many Biblical (Greek) Scholars that the Greek NT does not support that Mary had other Children after Christ.

In IC.XC.,

The Council Of Trent
"Your arguments give evidence of who runs your life. He is not Lord of your life"-

No, Christ is my Lord and God. He gave us the Church, with spiritual teachers, to guide us. The Church is the pillar of Truth as Saint Paul taught.

How can I follow Christ, and not the Church he started? He is the Head. How could the Gentiles know about Christ without first going to the Church (i.e. the Holy Apostles, there Holy Successors and Bishops, etc)? I am member of the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church that Christ started in 33AD.

Mark V, you speak against the RCC traditions, but you too follow extra biblical traditions and call it "Truth". Why attack Rome's extra biblical traditions?

In IC.XC.,

The Council Of Trent
" know... nothing about denominations" (lee)

What am I ignorant of? It is the fact that the Presbyterian sect share many opinions with other sects that arose after the 16th century. This doesn't include the Eastern Orthodox Church. We been here since 33AD!

".....that makes them the haven of truth which the gates of hell cannot prevail against. " (lee)

Yes it does or Jesus is a liar. By the way, our Apostolic Succession can be historically traced. Many unbiased Historians will tell you that.

"we recognize that it is the Scripture that is the ULTIMATE authority"

Yes, that is your "extra biblical" tradition. See follow traditions!

In IC.XC.,

Man Made Church Traditions
With regard to the identification of the "brothers and sisters" of Jesus mentioned in the New Testament, Mary in the New Testament: A Collaborative Assessment by Protestant and Roman Catholic Scholars reached the following agreed conclusions:
1. The continued virginity of Mary after the birth of Jesus is not a question directly raised by the New Testament.
2. Once it was raised in subsequent church history, it was that question which focused attention on the exact relationship of the "brothers" (and "sisters") to Jesus.
3. Once that attention has been focused, it cannot be said that the New Testament identifies them without doubt as blood brothers and sisters and hence as children of Mary.

In IC.XC.,

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