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Name Some Good Worship Music
Worship music is one ofthe greates things we've been blessed with! My favorite music is SovereignGraceMusic, a great ministry that provides awesome music. They have great sound,lyrically rich theology which is great to sing about. I can recommend almost every song they do, but a few favorites are Glorious Christ, Our Song From Age to Age, Show Us Christ, Behold Our God, All I have is Christ, Father's Love, Prodigal, and So many more! Sojourn music is very good as well, I don't know as much of their stuff as I'd like to, but one of their songs, Absent From Flesh, is really nice! They have a bluesy-country sound. Chris Tomlin has many great songs out: Our Great God, How Great is Our God, Amazing Grace(Chains are Gone), Your Grace's Enough

Muslim Not Eating Pork
Dear Muslim,Thus your Blog is built on a "lack of knowlegde" and "awarness" of the Bible! Let me give everyone a important note why Christians eat PORK! that only a small percentage of people know. First the Bible is in 2 parts The "Old Testament" (old Jewish Law) and the "New Testament" (time of Jesus). The "Old Testament" is were you have many of the dietary laws forbiding people to eat many things such as Pork etc. However, when we go to the "New Testament", laws are changed as the Apostles got together given the permission from God to re-evaluate a lot of the old Jewish laws written in the "Old Testament" and change them. Hence, in the "New Testament, Acts".

Who is Jessie Duplantis?
I wrote him a letter once, it took a month for him to reply but, he did! Most dont have time. That showed me he cared, sincerely. Also, if you ready the stories about Christ fast and Satans Theatrics, one would say thats unbelievable. God is a miraculous God and his ways are not our ways. We all fall short. Jessie Duplantis is an awesome man of God: hes just theatrical ( Comic Relief). People arent accustom to him. Its in the fruit! Bless him.

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