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What Does Shondo Mean
Shondo means "turn around"

What Is The Third Heaven
Thank you for the insight into the meaning of the "third heaven". I am familiar with the three earth ages, but not the multiple levels of heaven.

Dress Anyway To Church Today
The Bible tells us how to dress. As a Christian woman, I am to dress modestly as becomes a woman professing godliness. I will not wear plunging necklines or short skirts, or anything that exposes my body to men. Personally if I did wear clothes that reveal, I am inviting men to look at me and not at Christ. I also realize that men are stimulated by what they see so I must be careful not to present anything that may entice them to sin against the God I love.

Born-Again Single Women Exist
Same here! I thought I was so rare but it is good to hear there are other people out there who are about my age and are single or have never been married or have kids! It isnt that I haven't wanted to, but God has given me a gift of being happy being single and staying pure since my last relationship...10 years ago!

If he has someone for me I will love that person no doubt but yes we really do exsist!!!

What Is Christian Courtship
I am still trying to get used to this website! It is nice but can't quite figure out how to send someone an individual email..

Anyway, I was hoping I was possibly going thru Christian Courtship with the nice man from my church whom I have really grown to like but I think he has just decided he isn't interested...wouldn't you even in Christian Courtship at least talk to each other at least once a week and go out more than just 3 times in a year????? This man has frustrated me very much!!!

Is Everything Already Predestined
This can be a touchy and confusing subject but I think, and I am not saying I am right but I feel that since God is so loving and merciful, he gives us ALL a chance to know him and spend eternity with is just up to us to accept the invitation. He already knows who will or will not accept but I still feel he gives EVERYONE a chance...that is just my thought...and if he already picked out who was going and who wasn't then why have missionaries and have us try to witness and spread the good word?

I Want Some Penpal Friends
I also would like some nice, honest Christian pen pals. I love God first and foremost so that is the most important thing with me. I also love animals A LOT...especially cats! I have three...

Anyone is welcomed to write me as long as you are a true Christian and put God first!!!

What Is Christian Courtship
I wonder if this is what I am going through with this really nice man from my church. We have gone out with a few times now for almost a year. He has never even held my hand. It gets very frustrating and I am hurt but perhaps this is what he is doing? Any hints on how I can know for sure without flat out asking him? Any insight would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!I know too he could just think of me as a friend but it seems at times he may show more interest in just friendship.

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