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Is Obama Muslim
I don't care if he is Muslim or not. I don't pledge my allegiance to any earthly government.

Is The Prosperity Message Real
It's a lie from hell.

What Is Replacement Theology
Replacement theology isn't so much about the church "replacing" Israel, but actually coming to realize who the true Israel was/is all along and how the church has now become a part of that true Israel. It's just a realization that Abraham's physical descendants are NOT the true Israel.

Read Romans 9:6-9

8 That is, it is NOT the children of the FLESH who are CHILDREN OF GOD, but the children of the promise are regarded as descendants.

Can I Play Music In A Bar
Generally? No, it is not wrong to play music in a bar.

Jesus went into the "bars" of his day and told stories. His disciples even tried to stop him because they believed that he would be corrupted.

Main thing: Keep your focus on the main thing (the reason you are there), not the distractions/temptations around you.

False Teachers In The Church
Sadly, yes. And I am afraid that they are probably the ones with the most influence in the church. By that I mean that most of them can be seen or heard when you turn on your "christian" Tv or radio channels.

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