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Kissing Of Statues OK
Kathr, don't you undderstand about Monk Brendan? He's a Catholic, and he can't be savved!

Jumping up and down about his practiices is going to get you nothing buut a stroke. He's not that important! Let him go!

Differences of Catholic Christians
Rob, yoou have throne around a bunch of term. I did a bit of research, and the only obeliks I found was the one in front of St. Peter's in Rome.

That obelisk was put there to show the superiority off Christ over pagen Rome.

What Is Papal Infallibility
Roab saiid, \\\\\Cluny, just as I thought. You are doing what is written in Romans 1:25.

First all, you spelled FOBERON wrong. It is spelled PHOBERON./////

Rob, my parents both speak Greek, and so do I! The correct spelling is Foberon, with an F

Buy Or Sell The Truth
No, Leon, it does not.

Truth can be bought and sold in books and other means of information retrieval. If i buy a history book, anless it is skewed by someone's outside opinion, like believing Mohammad was touched by angels, or that it's okay to beat up on women, little kids, and dogs, the history will be true, and that truth can be sold.

Help Depressed Son
Trav said, \\\It is hard to give up but, considering the bite marks.///

To parapfrase Jesus, If someone bites you on the leeg, turn and offer him the other as well.

Traditions Above The Bible
\\\EGW said that "health reform" was part of the "everlasting Gospel."///

Oh yum! I love Grape Nuts.

I do find it odd, though, that the one thing that was supposed to be in Grape Nuts to make them goood for u was grape sugar, which doesn't exist!

Obama's Bathroom Law
Nicole Lacy saaid, \\\I am AFRAID of PERVERTS (BTW which are 100th times numerous than 0.03% of Transgender people) who will ABUSE the laws just to enter a woman's bathroom to rape a girl or woman within minutes covering her mouth.///

Nicole, I agree with you that rape is terrible and should never be toleerated in any society.

But ho w many manly men would put on a drress makeup and shoes to lurrk in a womeemn's bathroom waiting for some lovely woman to come in?

Strike Books From Canon
<<<"Again, this is why I have asked you repeatedly to please study what Paul said of the Scriptures that they are, "Theopneustos.">>>

OO OO! I know this one. All my parents ever spoke was Greek. Theopneustos means "God Breathed," meaning that God breathed His Word into each of the athors of the Bible so that they could write His Word properly.

Change Of Sabbath Day
Someone named Jerry proceeded to lambast Cluny (sp?) for lying.

First of all, I thought that the replies were supposed to be Christ-like.

Second, as an old Calendarist Evangelical, I have to point out that in the year 1582, Gregory XIII uncanonically changed the Julian calendar--scrapping the schedule of leap years so that (at that year) there were 10 days snipped out of the calendar.

This means that Monday the 15th of October (the day the Pope set for the change) became Thursday October 25, throwing the calculation of the Sabbath out of joint.

Change Of Sabbath Day
I understand how people feel about changing the day of worship to Sunday from Saturday.

Several hundred years ago, my Greek ancestors were told by the Pope (Gregory XIII) that the calendar that we have lived by for all the time from Jesus was wrong, and we had to correct it by changing to a new calendar, and by chopping ten days out of the calendar for that year.

My ancestors told the Pope what to do with his idea. Unhappily, quite a few of the Protestant Churches have followed the Pope into Heresy.

Anyway, I go to a large Evangelical Church in Chicago, where I was born again, filled with the Holy Spirit.

I am grieved that the Pope took control of the Catholic Church, and tried to do the same with the Orthodox Church

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