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Drunk And A One Night Stand
My husband confessed he had a one night stand. He's been amazing husband and father for 7 years I don't understand. He says it was a mistake and is getting checked for stds because I told him. I'm devestated . Could it have been a mistake ? Our marriage has been good . Why?

Why Does God Make Me Suffer
I had something like that happen to me. Someone I knew and they didn't like me at all, spread lies about me to all my friends and what made it so bad is that my friends believe the lie. I'm having a hard time with truthing people and I need strong christians people to pray for me and to help me through this.

How Churches Collect Tithes
My church passes a collection plate, it is totally anonymous. Since it's anonymous, there is no way to publish the names. There is a bulletin board that shows the attendance numbers and amount collected for the prior week.

Christian Fortune Telling
I have never had my fortune told, nor a palm reading. However, I do read my horoscope daily and when I eat Chinese, I usually read the fortune cookie. Do I put my faith in what these things tell me? ..... absolutely not, it's just a fun thing to do. And, who said Christians should not have fun?

What Is Your Best Christian Song
"I Believe," by Tennessee Erie Ford

My Kids Don't Write Or Call
Keep praying for your children. God will cause them to contact you and help you to re-establish a relationship with them. Its not His will that parents and children be estranged. The bible says to train up a child in the way that he should go, when he is old he will not depart from it. my brother even if you didn't train them up in the ways of the Lord its not too late to extend the olive branch to them.
God Bless you , keep the faith

Pope Must Be Cannonized By Man
NV Barbara, You are right...praying to a dead person IS blasphamous and totally NONscriptural. God forbid it. This also includes Mary. NO place in scripture did Jesus tell us to address our prayers to his human mother. This is not my opinion....but God's Word. Direct your challenges to HIM.

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