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Explain Revelation Chapter 12
Commentaries describe the woman as the church.
The reading of the chapter(12) have no words of witness of any coming ruler.

The bible is usually stating words that we can hear and believe and it is not in our realm of activity to "guess" what is said.

If we don't know a particular word/verse/chapter or book the safest course is for us to say we don't know rather than answer in error.

Why So Many Divorced Christians
My ex took off with a guy she met in a mental health facility, destroying our marriage as well as what was left with his.

Let's face it some people have mental health problems and there is all too often nothing one can do about it but end the relationship.

How To Properly Spank My Kids
i really do not think that pulling down their pants should be neccessary!!!


Who is Jessie Duplantis?
Nella Jessie lives in Destrehan, His fortress is in Destrehan and he rides a harley, drives a hummer among other fine cars, Lives in a big house on Ormond Blve and isd building a bigger one. He is overindulging usint the Lord as his tool.

Did Solomon Go To Hell
hahahahah..m soooooooooo glad it made some laugh which was intended....wooow r some men in the eastern countries today still like that???? 1000 women to service...Lord have mercy

Sabbath Keeping Done Away
this is where you err greatly Lee..the Old Testament you are refering to is the Ceremonial Laws hence u call it O/T and the N/T is the New Covenant in Jesus. The 10cs still stand and please, dont insult our Lord by using C/laws for your argument over His Holy laws.

Demoninations In The Bible
Lee, leeve EGW out..I am talking about history and how the pope changed the church..It is history and one only need to go to the catholic library to see all these things and dont use EGW to blackwash your lies...she didnt tell me that..I have read it cos I work for the catholics..I will get the book and quote to u the statement. U r often wrong in your statements and many lies within ....

Sabbath Keeping Done Away the 10cs were given to the Israelites, I ask u, whom is the bible for and for whose admonishing? Isnt it a manual for us to live our daily life by..or hang wrong..JUST FOR THE ISRAELITES...then what oh earth are u doing preaching it? C'mon man, God is speaking to us thru this Holy Bk. Israelites means us propetically. You r so steeped in EGW u forget what is truth.Your love 4 EGW has got u all twisted up.

Jehovah Witness And The Trinity
If you r scared the JWs will indoctrinate you, then wouldnt it be better still to get the answer from them who know the teachings better than any of us? Just reading the blogs on this site makes me shiver with cold to know that christians rip each other apart. So unchristian. I still advise, Go see whatever church u want to know of their teachings.

Are False Prophets Mentally Ill
Stan, you sound like the one whose loosing mind over attacking others who deligently do their duty to God. What have u done Stan, apart from judging? Why dont u preach good stuff instead of asking questions to discredit a church? Is that christian Stan? And r u christian? Poor JWs etc truly get a bashing from this site..preach the word people, not attacking..

Did Solomon Go To Hell
He didnt go to heaven but will when Christ returns. He publicly repented of his wrongs when he realised it then wrote the book of Ecclesiastes to review his pursuit of what really was important in his life and ended saying "Fear God and give glory to Him".He had about 700 wives and about 300 porcupines

Drunk And A One Night Stand
if u call yourself a Christian, be honest and tell...pray about it and be honest. To hide it will always haunt u forever. God will help u if u b honest. Better to come from u than her hearing from someone else. Oneday the truth will come out and believe u me. Dont hide it. Thats dishonesty to God. Better still, STOP YOUR DRINKING..u cant handle it let alone b easily deceived. Lord have mercy.

Demoninations In The Bible
the first church ever was was with the catholics first 3 centuries and they followed truth till they permitted gentiles to enter in n mixed truth with error. this is when Constantine the first pope allowed the mix and there4 in time, did away with true 7thday Sabbath...God never ever commanded to change His Word. Man did.

Sabbath Keeping Done Away
Gina, you hit that right on the head and your so abosollutely right..too many of them are like this..note the other one are Johnt and Lee are all the same..right on sister Amen.

Meditate On The Word
When i think about mediatating I thing about jesus in the garden of geseme. I also like to pray to God and as you and i know I ask in jesus name. I have a new relation ship with god the father . i can have some moments in time when i have difficulty accepting others beleifs so i try to keep my own and listen with a open heart and open mind.

Good Version Of The Bible
if you truly want to know and understand the truth in simple form, go by the King James. If you dont believe its the easiest to read, then read G Riplinger's book on the many different bibles against the KJV..I guarantee you, you will come away with the KJV. I even get so mixed up with the NIV etc. Try KJV and dont listen to heresay.

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