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I Love A Catholic Guy
One Faith, One Baptism, One Lord

Believe and be Baptized. Young lady let love lead you. I sit with the church of Christ because of all the rant from those who know better. You called my name but you never knew me. Take the Good Samaritan as an example and be one. Walk in Faith for we do not know it all. Faith and Morals surely the Catholic Church has right. God works there as in the whole world. Baptism is dying and rising with Christ. Perhaps many give of themselves in love in life and are not even Christian and know Christ well. It is a kind of Baptism. To read the Bible and become cold is not very close to Father not the Son nor the Holy Spirit. Good luck to you and LOVE fully even if you make mistakes.

Is Holy Living Required
Holy living comes by following Christ. His two commandments. Love your Creator and his children, which just happens to be all mankind. Just keep trying and believe that God first loved us. We are not going to be perfect in this life. But try and look at the cross. The debt has been paid.

Can A Divorced Woman Remarry
Tough one - Do not ask. You might not like the answer. You must get on with your life. Just do not hate. Do not hate yourself nor anyone. Unfortunately, we live in a real world. Please Love fully and honestly. Many things of Law are meant for the safety of society so that society does not induce sin. However, specific situations are best left up to the individual. If you find happiness, please go for it. We must live.

Can't Loose Your Salvation
Find out on Judgement Day. One thing is certain, if you hate others you may be in big trouble.

How To End An Affair
By ending it.

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