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Coworker Has A Critical Spirit
You would think after 20 years a new person could not cause you trouble, but some people are good at manipulation and the self-pity person has a way with people.My co-worker has twisted things I have said about a co-worker and she even talked bad about them and told them I was talking about them and why? Because I asked her to get work done on time so I can turn in my reports. She likes to talk and visit the after noon instead of doing paper work. So, it is possible for people to make co-workers mad at you for nothing after working with them for a long time, believe me , I know, and for some reason some people are more willing to believe it than not.

Husband Is Controlling
I've the same problem. I got a creditcard that it's not linked to our bank account.
This situation led me to lie about what I bought, through counseling I was able to talk to him about lying because he was controlling me and I could buy what I needed. we made a budget, I kept my other credit card so I still have my privacy. Also we talked about how I used to have certain style of life before we got married and he knew I liked to dress well and take care of myself. We also have money so I told him that I don't feel comfortable buying ugly and cheap clothes that last couple months or getting pimples over a cheap creme. With the control issue you have to learn to stand for yourself, I hope God gives you the strength and wisdom to do so.

Husband Is Controlling
Besides therapy, I pray for him, there's a prayer called the Rosary of liberation that helps people heal in the name of Jesus Christ, you can google it. since I started praying, I've seen change in him, and also in me. He's the way he is because he was wounded when he was young. So I'm learning to cope with this through therapy and learning tools to keep myself sane since control tends to kill your selfsteem, he makes you feel you are wrong all the time.

I don't want to get a divorce since he's a good father and I couldn't put my children through that

My heart goes out to you, since I know how hard it is to live with a negative and controlling husband.

May Our Lord Jesus Christ give us the strenght

God bless you

Military Chaplains To Pray
As far as I know it has not unconstitutional. It is stopping the Chaplain's constitutional rights to do stop him. If that is the way he ends his prayers (in Jesus name) He is allowed to do so. However, if he is with a group of many different religions, he may be asked not to, but not when he is in a one on one with someone. Freedom of speech and constitutional rights do include Christians too. It seems that we are the only ones without rights! No one stops an Islam from praying in/to Allah's name.

Does God Limit Man's Freedom
God knows who will and who will not be saved. He wants that no one is lost! He can make people be saved without us. He does not need us for anything, however, He chooses to bless us by using us. He uses us to reach others, we are to reach as many as we can. Isn't it wonderful that the Lord our God will use us, even though He could do the job better than us. However, it is His Spirit that draws the people near. God sets it up, we just come along and help.

Why Did Jesus Have To Die
Jesus became man, with all of man's fleshy desires. Otherwise we could not live up to be Christ-like. He kept himself from sin. He was the son of man besides being the son of God. He died so we could live. None of us could be sinless without Him. He did not do any miracles until He was given the Holy Spirit and baptized, just like follows. He suffered and had the same weaknesses as man, though He sinned not. His faith was in His Father, who saw Him through it all.

Is Faith Different Than Belief
Oops, I meant Faith is the confidence is something without proof, not trust, but hopefully you understood. Faith does not need proof, Belief does.

Is Faith Different Than Belief
Belief is having confidence in something that has proof or is provable. Trust is having confidence in something that does not have proof.

Holy Spirit Confuses Us
There are many different opinions because there are many different people. There is only ONE Holy Spirit, but unfortunately people view Him differently. Take the story of the blind men explaining the elephant, one who has the tail explains that an elephant is like a rope,one who felt the body thought he was like a wall, etc. Those who have a relationship with Him (Holy Spirit), know Him, those who don't, can't.

Can Unsaved Man Live With Me
"Lead us not into temptation....."

Is Intolerance Of Sin Wrong
I take this as a hypothetical question. You don't have to condone the actions of someone to be tolerant. You can tell the man his actions are wrong and show it in scripture, and also pray for him and the young lady, but it wouldn't be your place to judge. "Hate the sin, love the sinner."

Who Pays For A Date
On the first date, assuming the male did the asking, it would seem appropriate for him to pay. On following dates, they should consider going dutch or take turns paying. If short on money, consider fixing him (or her)a home-cooked meal and rent a movie to watch at home.

Don't Want To Go To Church
It takes a while to get over acute bronchitis, so even if you weren't contagious, your voice may have still been hoarse and raspy. I'm sorry they hurt your feelings, but I can't fault them for trying to protect their little ones. Try to see it from their point of view and forgive them.

Who Is Kim Clement
Just because a person predicted we would have a Christian president does not make him a true prophet. He had a 50/50 chance of being correct, and who's to say his opponent isn't Christian also? It's like predicting rain, there's always a 50/50 chance---it either will or it won't. The Bible says beware of false prophets.

I Feel Guilty From An Abortion
My dear, you are not alone. We have all sinned and Jesus always forgives. Often the hardest part is forgiving yourself. I know, I've been there. If you have not already done so, sincerely pray for forgiveness and then let go of the past. When you find yourself dwelling on it, just say "Jesus forgave me so I forgive myself." Then close the door, go forward with your life and serve God to the best of your ability.

Can Unsaved Man Live With Me
"Lead us not into temptation....."

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