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Why Should People Attend Church
My husband and I are at the point where we are trying to decide whether to change Churches or not,because we haven't been in awhile,and he has a lot of physical problems.Also we joined the Church we were attending and haven't been able to return for about three months now.No one has called or came by to visit except our Pastor.What has happened to Brotherly love and visiting?We are truly living in the end times.Are we better off staying home and sending our tithes to our Church or changing?Who can we trust?

My Husband Living With Girlfriend
The reason we should marry is to have family ties , & we should not live with someone untill we are married, Get an education now & care for your children, Next time Marry first before family.

My Girlfriend Isn't A Virgin
I was in the same situation-met a man who was heavy into the party scene. We have now been married over a year. He is the greatest husband imaginable, God has transformed him completely.I trust him with my life.If virginity is important to you, like me-then you will have to forgive her& allow yourself to grieve the loss- this takes time!I still battle jealousies... However, some things are worth going thru pain for-I am so glad I didn't miss out on the love of my life!The blood of Jesus is sufficient...

Can A Woman Be A Pastor
I believe if women are called to preach,then they should.I happen to like women preachers and so does my husband.Why not?Ruth and Naomi are great examples.Also Mary Magnaline.Sorry if the spelling is wrong.

Will We Know People In Heaven
I don't understand,and have been trying to understand since I watched Grant Jefferys last week on TV.He says there will be tears in Heaven,because we will ask Jesus (when we don't see our loved ones)if they are there and if they're not,we will cry.I wonder how long?If there are no tears there,how can this be?Please tell me if you can.Thanks.

Should A Pastor Counsel Women
I strongly believe a pastor should have another woman counsel another woman. For example, if a woman is having a sexual problem, counseling should never be from the pastor for the reason of a woman's sensitivity and the realization that the devil is subtile and could appear in a very hidden form to deceive and work through ones emotions. It's better to be cautious and recognize both genders could have vulnerabilities. When you see a fire, it's better to put it out before it burns the whole forest.

No Women Since My Heart Attack
I have found the same since I fell and injured my hips ,no one wants you. I feel completely alone in this world ,so please write me Eva

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