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Christians That Hate Parents
Reading Christine's story. And, unfortunately, DONNA, you and those like you are the reason people cant stand Christians. Do not minimize others pain. We are responsible for how we respond to others in trauma. Anger is hard to work out. God makes all things possible Christine. It's a journey. I've been on it for years. But, God is healing me.

Donna, please, stop interjecting cliche responses. They are not helpful. You are repelling people, not drawing them into Christ with a gentle spirit. You do not know everything. Be supportive, be kind. Leave the correction to the Holy Spirit.

Can We Call God Jehovah
I was wodering if you knew where someone could get an older manuscript,( not a Jehovah's witness bible) that use the name Jehovah.

Mid-Life Female With Depression
Donna5535: in your reply to Cluny, you stated that he may think that Jesus CANNOT heal her.

My reading of Cluny's comment (he is Eastern Christian, so his views may be slightly different, but he beleivies in Jesus nonetheless) is that Cluny is not sure if Jesus WANTS right now to heal

I am SURE Cluny knows as well as we do that Jesus CAN heal anytime Jesus wants!

Is All Hip Hop Music Bad
Hip Hop a satanic religion? Whoever said this needs to take a look back at Hip Hop's history and what it originally stood for. Hip Hop for many years has given voice to us who have been voiceless. To us living in the ghetto. Hip Hop is a mirror which reflects everything we go through. Hip Hop is real.... not literal. And by people neglecting hip hop, they neglect the fact that some people DO indeed live these kinds of lives portrayed in hip hop.

American Church Is Lifeless
Donna, thanks for the response. I like the way you look at the situation.
Sometimes I look at how big the problem is and I get overwhelmed.
I just wish the church in America would catch fire again. I mean REALLY catch fire again; not just have a short revival and then go back to living the way they used to.

See Demons Everywhere
My life has been torn apart more than words can describe from seeing/experiencing what I believe and am sure are demons. I see them in people, at times, while they use people to torment me and this has gone on for over 20 years. I've seen them in church, in clergy members and in other places they truly don't belong.

Are Catholics Christians
I wish Catholic were for Jesus, but many are not even if they say they are. They have not repented and turned their life over to Him. Ask just about any Catholic about jesus and they wil tell you that He was good and wonderful and even is "The way", but they don't really know Him. I was a Catholic and I know the difference.

Believe The Bible Or The Pope
The Pope is raised up in glory on this earth. This is wrong. The Catholic ways are NOT God's ways.

What Is Female Authority
Women's authority/liberation, as it is now, will fail.
Women mistakenly think that the way to liberation is to become like a man.
Women will be liberated when man is liberated.

What Is Female Authority
A man who helps his wife become liberated, become like a man, will set her free.

A wife who helps her husband become liberated, become like a woman, will set him free.

What Is Female Authority
When a husband liberates his wife, sets her free with a divorce, he will go through the same pain with another woman.
When a man liberates his wife, he will stir up a fierce tenacity within her. They will both be living too close to the fire. They'll go their separate ways rather than smother his wife's fierce tenacity.

What Is Female Authority
When a man liberates his wife, throws all the responsibility on her shoulders with a divorce - she will work hard, have the heart attack at 45, die prematurely with families on the sidelines - just like a man. Some may chose death though they still live. They are dead because they are no longer whole with all of the responsiblity.

What Is Female Authority
Woman must not become man to fulfill her role on earth. She is complete as she is.
Read your bible.
Woman is life.
Man is death.

What Is Female Authority
Woman is liberated by the awesome power of Jesus Christ. That power does not belong in becoming a man.
Masculinized women is a denial of the power of Jesus Christ.

What Is Female Authority
Women who quit being women die young.
Their souls are broken.
Their fire for life goes out.
Do not listen to women who say, "I do not need men. I can do it myself." They are are the women who quit being women.

Is Purgatory A Real Place
If you think that Purgatory is real, you can test it out first if you want. I'm sticking with the truth of the Bible. It's the only safe way to go. Live for Christ and your covered completely.

What Is A Mortal Sin
Catholics always use that scripture, but it doesn't wash. Read what the Catholic Church really says about mortal and venial sins. It's got nothing to do with what's in 1 John chapter 5 at all. Go research it. Then tell us who is twisting the srciptures. Catholics don't even know what's in their doctrines.

Backslidding Testimonials
I backslid when I first became a Christian, for about a month. I repented, asked God to forgive me and he picked me right back up where I left off. All I can say is, that I did not deserve His grace, yet He overflowed it in my life. God is good.

Catholic Stations Of The Cross
caring, why don't you cool it. Like your opinion is marked in stone. Not! By the way you don't live up to your name.

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