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What Is The Age Of Accountability
I disagree with the first reply somewhat.You can teach your children religiously with love and the age of accountability is different for everyone, depends on how well the child comprehends what he is being told and how he responds verbally to it.

Make-Up Or Hair Color Godly
What others wear on their face is no concern of ours, unless our brother or sister are in blatant sin, then we are to confess our sin and go to them in love and try to restore them from the sin they are in. Too many people judge others by their hair color and make up, when the heart is the most important part of all of us.

I Really Like My Youth Pastor
No! there is nothing wrong with the attraction of a 16 year old girl and youth pastor, but she is a minor, which means anything that is done, needs to go through her parents, if her parents are uncomfortable, the relationship should be severed until a later time, when it can be a more mature relationship, if there is still interest there on both sides.

How Can I Stop My Affair
Go and get some christian counseling, and include your husband, all it takes is one to say no, for there not to be infidelity in a marriage, no matter how troubled it is.Trust and love are the roots of a healthy relationship

Any Satanic Masons Out There
Go to the Focus on the Family website for insight on the masons, they are definately demonic in their symbols and what they mean in their rites. Do your homework, they are not of God.

Certain Families Rule The Church
Pray,confess your sins,then do matthew, where you go and speak the truth in love, if there are no changes, take a witness, no change, tell it in front of the church. First take the log or sin out of your eye before you do any of this.If it continues leave the church.

Should A Pastor Counsel Women
July 7th
It is in appropiate for a male pastor to counsel a woman alone, another woman should be present, or likewise to protect reputations and to prevent wrong behavior.This answer is scriptural. Seek counseling if you need it, just do it in a orderly fashion. Joyce

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