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Please Pray For Rita H
Darlene saw your response on.Cnt I am.glad it's not too.serious we gonna keep praying for you.Sis.Rita.your daughter I.meant to say.,For Sis.Shira we one another.God bless Rita hope you are being well taken
care of there.God give you complete healing goes everyone.Lizet5355

Please Pray For Rita H
Hello,Darlene hope you get this I saw your name cnt prayer room hope alive,gonna pray your daughter get well,nothing serious I pray sometimes we all get stressed out my goes out to you,Sis.Rita,Shira and all my friends,yours Lizet.

Married In God's Eyes
Hello,again Darlene sent you a text hope your daughter better time on her side like the brother mention.Ith happen to me before same,stress.Pray quick recovery.please pray for my husband he got friends cloud his mind..he backsliding now or something.He will not hold me back. I'm just stress last.night for nothing.keep my mind heart soul.on.jesus amen.

Please Pray For Rita H
Hello,my dear friend Sis.Rita everyday we pray for you,ya can know it's really strange about chemo they almost but God took care of me,they did sm wrong with me,but God saw me thru & it'a strange thing Chemo it can go either way my dear.I seen a woman miraculously healed,then I seen others not so good.God is your hope He will take care of you.They are strange in my opinion about Chemo.We keep the faith,no.harm in ask you be inprayer.Lizet5355

Please Pray For Rita H
Hello,I.just happen to be tryn to sisRita doing,Iam very happy to know shira is alive...thank God
I been wondering but was little intimidated to ask...anyway thank God happy how you been feeling now Sis.Rita..I be looking to see your answer love to everyone..ijn.Lizet

Please Pray For Rita H
Thankyou,Darlene may the Lord bless you marvelous way he can do all but fail,yes you always in my heart dear sister may the lord continue bless you all &
your loved to go he be home agape

Please Pray For Rita H
Thankyou,so much.for your gracious loving words.well,yes our pastor kept saying he felt in a dream ha ha this was for late husband would not let me get a operation n.long story short it just was first I could.not believe but remember... my grandma.had got pregnant.she was in her 50 up.there. anyway I am very happy,they say look.lik.could be love goes to.Darlene,everybody...thanks for well.wishes my husband don't like on.alot social media. praying.for you Sis.Rita...

Please Pray For Rita H
Let me tell you,I went through horrible
Cancer treatments,you but I am use a new name.God moved in.a great way,it was not over night God did heal me all cancer Sis. Rita,we are hoping for a baby soon.this is Elena.
he is a good man.I know you got to remember me.We had a preacher predict we would have a baby at my age,God is real.I.lost over 70 lbs. Keep it off,waiting as the man of God predicted.ijn.

Please Pray For Rita H
SisterRita,May you know Christ loves you more can.imagine yes!
Abundantly for although he was Afflicted( read verses 53:3,4,5.)
He also heals, many have found them
themselves closer to Him in.times of distress he is with you, how it seem in.the moment..I will be praying
for you. Daily,be watching,waiting...God be with you.

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