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Does God Even Exist
christan on 7/19/13: I was taking what is written in Acts 16:31-34 we are told that the JAILER believed. But we are told that ALL HIS HOUSEHOLD was baptised

We are never actually told that all the household believed

I am not saying that the household did not believe. I am only saying we are never told that, we are only told they were baptised, but we are never told they all believed. But it is possible that if there were infants, they may have been baptised before they could believe

That can be taken as a logical understanding from the text, unless your your views of Christianity prevent it - meaning that you expect that Paul would not have done that

I accept that, but that is not taken from that text

Only Denominations Saved
Francis: 'The VISION represented all the other nations which the Jews called unclean'

It is possible, certainly, but do you think that God would tell Peter 'kill and eat' to talk about other nations?

Never Got An Engagement Ring
The 'engagement ring' exists in only a very few counties in the world, and those being the English/American ones (UK/US/Canada and sometimes in Australia and NZ).

In most other places people just think of it as 'a waste of a man's money'

The wedding band is common in Europe, but is unheard of in Africa and Asia.

I bought one for my Chinese wife, who flatly refuse to wear it!

The traditions, in and out of the Bible, go both ways

Moral Houserules OK
Nikki: 'My niece and others her age think we are backwards and old fashion.'

Nikki, I'm now 41 years old, and I was stricken, logically by God, though I knew it not at the time, at the age of 13, by the knowledge that I was immoral. I found a Bible in a hotel drawer, and read the sermon on the mount, and it was not until 8 years later that I became a Christian, but I knew for 8 years that there was something wrong with me.

So remember that even at a young age, like your niece, something small (no-one when I ask then remembers that night in the hotel when I found the Bible, but it changed my life) can change one's life

I just hope your niece's life can be chaged like mine was, but in a better way!


Jesus Suffer Hell On Cross
Fancis, Mark, nikki: The question of to what extent the blood is real (transubstantiation I think it is called) I do not want to get into, because it is a matter that too many great minds have argued over and we are not great minds and we would be just wasting time is not a matter.

Different denomiations have taken Christ's statement of 'this is my body/blood' in a more literal or less literal way, but let us, in an indenominational way, and in a way that agrees with the Nicean Creed (which states nothing about the Lord's Table) let us simply say that each accept that each accept any view between that the bread and wine is Jesus literal body and blood and that it is simply bread and wine

Can that be accepted?

Should Pastor Know What You Give
The ideal is that no-one knows

No pastor, no book-keeper


We only try the other method to get a tax benefit

Can Bible Overturn Prison Sentence
The robber on the cross next to Jesus was never let down from the cross......

Ne was only let into heaven

Which is much better

Does God Even Exist
michael_e on 7/18/13:WAS. In time past water baptism was needed, but now NOT

Michael, please provide your evidence

If you wish to throw away water baptism, you must throw away the Nicene Creed, which was the agreed view on what Christians believed.

If you throw that away, you must throw away the New Testament away as well

Nicene is older than the New Testament, so if you throw away the Nicene (which lists 'One baptism for the forgiveness of sins') then you must also throw away the New Testament

Does God Even Exist
Christan: Some of your accusations, while based on a good, Biblical view, have cases in the Bible where things were done differently.

I mean your accusation against Nikki about baptising babies.

We see at least one case in the Bible (Acts 16:31-34).

Now here we are never told how young the 'household' (HNJV) was - it could include infants. And we are not sure how much they could believe - but we are completely sure they were baptised - whatever their ability or lack thereof to understand Christ

I am not sure in the RCC, but most other groups, and I assume the RCC as well, only baptises infants on the agreement that the child will be brought up in a Christian household, etc

Only Denominations Saved
I challange EVERYONE to find what God has SANCTIFIED for food in ALL of scripture.
---francis on 7/18/13

The simplest answer to that is in Acts 10:12-15 'It contained all kinds of four-footed animals, as well as reptiles and birds. Then a voice told him, Get up, Peter. Kill and eat.
Surely not, Lord! Peter replied. I have never eaten anything impure or unclean.
The voice spoke to him a second time, Do not call anything impure that God has made clean.

This seems to imply that all foods are sanctified if God calls them sanctified (and thus annuls the Jewish laws)

Divorce The Back Slidden
Needing Advisors: Look, on the one side you COULD say that the fact you wife cheated on you could be classed as a Christian reason for divorce......


The second part of your blog is more iffy. If you just said you felt that because you wife had cheated on you and you could not bear it any more, I would understand.

But the way you write it, it sounds more like you just want to move from one marriage to another

This is not DIRECTLY condemned in scripture, but the way of thinking does not seem appropriate

A Christian needs more than anything else to constider WHY he is doing things, and the way you write this I am unsure that it is being done for really good reasons

I do hope you can sort this out well

Unconfessed Sins Unforgiven
Natalie, it is true that sins, even if not named individually, can still be forgiven. For who can know each and every sin as God seen every sin?

Pray For My Job Search
-Adetunji on 7/14/13: Intentionally remaining in Him is of course the most important. Or at least never willfully straying from Him, for like Paul we may believe we are following God but not be following Him

Why Disciples Were Male
KarenD on 7/11/13: I know they were not all single - we only know Paul was, because he comments about it somewhere (I don't remember where).

I just meant that it would have been possible that the disciples could have been 'mixed' if Jesus had decided to

What Is Excommunication
Mark V: 'Jesus never gave His power to man.'


However, in a number of places, both in the Gospels and in Acts, most importantly in John 20:22-23, about forgiveness and retention of sins, Christ, and thus God, appear to have delegated some power through the disciples

Now here there are two points where one can question the normal Catholic Church view:

1) That this power was given only to the 11, and probably also to Stephen the new 12th. Maybe?

2) That if the disciple/pastor/priest is not right with God in some way (exact way I do not know) then that power at least of retaining one's sins is lost until the person (the leader in the church) is properly back with God

Man Dinosaur Co-Existed
-jason9835 on 7/9/13: Your idea is OK as long as you assume that the leviathan IS a dinosaur, in which case it can well be assumed to be a dragon as well.

But it might well be some other creature, either still existing or not.

Some time ago someone brought the idea of a kangaroo - possible except that a kangaroo is not large enough, but the large tail is acceptable, or even a crocodile, but again a crocodile is not really large enough.

I just mean that while it could be a dragon/dinosaur, there are a few other animals that are possible, though I agree not so likely

But in all of this, we are only guessing - as the word does not define the animal

Why Disciples Were Male
KarenD: Paul points out that he as a disciple remained unmarried, logically to be more efficient as a traveler/preacher/disciple.

A woman disciple could do the same if child bearing was such a problem

No Mother In God-Head
We have to remember that when we talk about gender, this is not biological gender, and so what the 'gender' of God means may be something too hard for us to understand

It is certainly more complex than we initially assume

Husband Just Died Help
Donna, this will be hard for you for a long time, how long depends on each person.

How many people do you have close to you that you can really talk to - it's good if you have people you can get close to


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