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Christians Sell Cigarettes
Does selling cigarettes harm the body? According to medical evidence it does. Along with what the medical data there is the Scripture in I Corinthians, which reads we are the temple of the Holy Spirit. To sell cigarettes damages the Temple of the Holy Spirit. So, from me, the answer is "NO" you should not sell cigarettes!

Baptism Gone Wrong
Why did the father and the pastor feel they had to decide the 16 year old son had to be baptize without any input form the 16 year old? (Does the church believe in baptismal regeneration?) To make him stand naked in front of people is probably a form of child abuse and should be investigated. Teenagers have a hard enough time making the transition from childhood to adulthood without being embarrassed by adults they trust.

Explain Matthew 28:20
STRONG Axe My Mistake-Sorry! Wrong, Researched 5 resources- they all stated I was wrong!

Baptize Our Babies
To answer your question: none of examples you give anything have anything to do with baptism. (Read 1 Samuel 1:11, Luke 1:5-27 and Judges. At best these are dedications of infants to the Lord. Baptism is just for those who have accepted Christ as their Savior. (Romans 6:4, and Col. 2:12)

Armed Guards At Church
Wisdom has to be the deciding factor in determining this need of security. It would be foolish not to address the facts of killings happening in church. In the church I attend we have a Christian security team who walk the halls during the service, all doors are locked once the service begins, (they can be opened from the inside, but not from the outside)' the parking lot is patrolled, etc. (Read Romans 11:33, I Cor. 12:18 and James 1:5) Our church also has a police officer who happens to be a member who drives a police car to church. It's a shame it has to be this way, but that's reality.

Baptize Our Babies
In looking up the names of the people you mentioned in your statement I could not find any comments as to any baptism. For example: Hanna dedicated Samuel to the Lord, but "dedication" has nothing to do with Baptism. Maybe I'm not understanding your question. (I used The Holman Christian Standard Bible)

Believe In God's Healing
ALL healing is from God regardless of how it is done. There are three main aspects of healing: 1: prevention through good nutrition, exercise and mental health. 2: Through normal medical channels, such as doctors, medicine, etc., 3 Through Divine Intervention - where God steps in and heals where others means have failed. BUT God is control of all three. To say as an example, only direct intervention is the only valid means to cure an illness is to state any Christian any Christian who is in the medical field is out of God's will.

Explain Acts 8:37
Are you sure you have the correct reference? The chapter and verse 8:37 of Acts is dealing with the Ethiopian eunuch. Philip is asking him,"If you believe with all your heart you may" (Dealing with being baptized.) The eunuch replied, "I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God." I looked at 3 different translations an they all stated the same thing!

Baptize Our Babies
Baptism is an outward act indicating an inward decision and can only be made by the person who has made that decision. (Romans 6:4) A infant can not make that decision.

Accounting Of Your Taxes
A person can question anything that has to do with the government by contacting their proper elected Senator or Congressman. If it's a state issue contact your state Representative. What you don't do is cheat the government out of what is theirs even if you don't like what they do with your money. "Render therefore to all their dues: tribute to whom tribute is due, Romans 13:7-8 (KJV) "Show Me the coin used for the tax. So they brought Him a denarius. 20 Whose image and inscription is this? He asked them. 21 Caesars, they said to Him. Then He said to them, Therefore, give back to Caesar the things that are Caesars, and to God the things that are Gods. Matt 22:19-22 (HCSB)

Saturday Is Day To Worship
It really doesn't make any difference what Biblical evidence you provide that would prove that Saturday in not the only day of worship, if he is narcissist type person, he would reject it and if he is abusive he will take it out on you for challenging his word. Assuming your opinion is that you are in a, "Narcisstic abusive relationship", you need get out of that relationship. Call the police if this is true and report him if he has hurt you.

America's Historical Monuments
Of course it's wrong! These monuments represent some of the history of the USA, right or wrong. What's worse is the message is being sent that if "I don't like, I can destroy it.", The fact I'm breaking the law is not a factor. It reminds to a two year old child, if I can do it and my parents don't seem to mind, it must be O.K. (We are now reaping what parents neglected to do then, and that is applying discipline. The parents choose to be pals rather than parents.) What is being reflected now is the OUT OF CONTROL demonstrators. Reminds me of the Scripture that states what a man sows is what he reaps

Still Call Themselves Sinners
In the Coine Greek, which was the original language used the writing the Bible, sin means, "To miss the mark". God established a mark for humans, but we all missed the mark, based on Roman's 3:23. To help us, God sent His son, Jesus, who was able to hit the mark, which fulfilled God's requirement for gaining heaven. People who accept the fact that Jesus hit the mark' established by God, can now also hit mark vicariously by accepting Christ's hitting the mark. This doesn't mean the Christian doesn't sin, it means God forgives the sin because they have accepted Christ's hitting the mark. Bottom line: The Christian is still a sinner, but his sins are forgiven because Christ hit the mark for us, the Christian didn't hit the mark.

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