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Should A Pastor Counsel Women
I was counselled one time and they asked my permission if they could tape it for training purposes. I didn't mind but now all of your suspicious comments have got me worried.

Prayer For Breaking Addictions
Add to that list of addiction, the men in slavery to pornography! I understand it is THE worst addiction with the strongest grip on over. The horrors it leads to for a greater thrill is spreading terror in our nation and threatens young children who haven't a clue to the dangers of evil lurking in men they think are their friends. Satan never tell men the disasterous consequences of the sin of porn and lust .

Pope Must Be Cannonized By Man
As a non-Catholic, the scriptural value JP II gave to the Jewish people and nation of Israel is acknowledged and appreciated. We non Catholics need to pray earnestly God will give the Catholics another pope with the same godly, scriptural views of God's chosen race. God promised to bless the nation who bless Israel, and curse those that curse her. I'm not a Jew or from Israel. But the hope of all rests on the treatment of Israel.

We Will Miss The Pope
I hope for the sake of his eternal soul the pope's heart and soul was devoted to Jesus Christ....not a church, as was stated earlier. There is NO salvation in ANY church. The man could go to every church in the world....and go to hell. Eph 2:8-9 Enough about the pope. He's a man...and will face the judgement like everybody else. He was NOT "holy", neither is he our "Father". God only is our Father.

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