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Spanking Young Teenagers
yes Bill. that's how it was done to me and that's how I pass it on to my kids. after I was married my hubby needed it too, because his parents were a bunch of sissies and were stepped all over. he got that way too. and boy did I straighten him out. he hated the cane to his bare bottom but he learned fast the consequences. Thank G-D for everything

Spanking Young Teenagers
child. & teens need discipline & direction. humans are born with bad charecter and traits as stated in the bible. spare the rod........ do the crime pay the time .time means swoosh!!! pants go down and bottoms come up. I perfer a cane but not to harsh!!!!! and don't forget to pray to god

Spanking Young Teenage Girl
cynthia. you mean you get spanked like a child over the knee with pants and undies down to your ankles?

Prayer Did Not Help Him
God does things in His timing. You need to just keep praying for the pastor to be healed either here on earth or with God in heaven.

Boyfriend Is A Muslim
i was married to a muslim and he still lived his life as a muslim. he promise to canvert to be a Christian but, they say that to keep you off of there back.

Should A Pastor Counsel Women
A pastor can counsel a woman as long his wife or a well respected woman in the church is in the room with them. Yes it is better for the women to be with another woman that is not always the case.

ADHD, Autism & Tourette's Syndrome
Try to see a chiropractor for the adhd/add problems. my son has adhd and just with a couple adjustments he is a different person but, you need to follow through with what the chiropactor wants you to do with your child.

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