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Where Is The True Praise Music
Let's remember that worship is not just singing but it's giving every breath we have to glorify God. It's laying it down on the alter and dying to self. Let's not bundle worship in a brightly colored package called singing. A life of worship is truly a beatiful life to behold. It's like looking at Jesus with skin on. Those are the kind of people that are magnets and you just want to be around them for some reason- because they live in the presence of God.

Prove Earth Is 6,000 Years Old
I personally believe both sides got it wrong and there is still so much we have yet to learn. I say we will find out the answer when we get to heaven. I do know that God created us and we didn't evolve from apes. Our bodies are works of art- doesn't a work of art need an artist? Art just doesn't happen, it needs a creative mind to create it into what the artist wants it to be. God created us and all you have to do is look at the universe to know that. It's all to beautiful to think about sometimes.

What Is A Glory Zone
I am a pentecostal and that's a new one to me.

Pay For The Poor In Private School
As a Texas public school teacher I say fix the education in the U.S and do away with No Child Left Behind. Get rid of tests!!! Find another way to make teachers accountable and get someone in Washington making decisions for us that has actually been in the trenches (and fairly recently I might add). I am sick of suits who know nothing about a classroom making decisions about my kids! Can I get an Amen from any teachers here?

Pray To God or Jesus
I pray to Jesus because he is God. I address God as Father sometimes too. Let's not forget that Jesus is "I AM". Sometimes I say Jehovah or Messiah or My Beloved. What matters when you pray is the condition of your spirit. Don't get all tangled up in word play- that's what the pharisees did.

What Was Jesus Purpose
To destroy the works of the devil- that was his ultimate purpose.

Jesus Rise In 2 Or 3 Days
Thanks guys, I had always wondered this too and just figured God would explain it to me in heaven someday. Now I get the answer faster!

Where Is The True Praise Music
I have to get in on this one. First off- Herb, your a pharisee to say the least. I have met a Christian like you before I got saved I would have never accepted Jesus. You need to stop looking on the outside of things and start looking at their hearts- oh wait a minute, your not God! Therefore- you have no right to judge a christian by what music they listen to!
Billy Graham crusades regularly have modern worship artists singing - is he going to hell because he provides the venue?

Where Is The True Praise Music
To all the naive christians out there who think Charasmatic music is repetitive- you really need to listen to some of Hillsong's stuff or the Passion Worship Band. Although I agree that some of it is repetitive, I don't think all of it is. That kind of statement lacks truth. I sing these songs in choir and let me tell yah- they are not easy to learn.

Can A Woman Be A Pastor
Carla, you are very legalist and you twist the Word of God to meet your own needs. You follow the Words of a dominatinal doctrine -not the Word of God. Clearly you don't look at the whole context when you see those verses that talk about women keeping silent. If we take that literally it means that we shouldn't talk at all in church- not even to say Hello. How absurd!

Holy Ghost Give Us Power
Another thing- I gained a sense of courage to speak up for things of God. I began to laugh and smile more even on my bad days. I had such extreme joy even when things weren't going right. My faith was intensified. He became the rock I was putting my feet on and I knew no matter what happened he was holding me and with me all the time. I knew that his power was working through my prayers and worship.

Holy Ghost Give Us Power
The intensity in my worship was so radical that my students at a Church of Christ school wanted me to lead chapel worship every day (I'm not church of Christ either) just because that same intensity was brought to the daily situations and not left in the church. It began to change kid's lives and many recived Christ- how's that for power. I would never go back- never, ever, ever. The Baptism in the Holy Spirit is real- just ask for it and believe.

Tongues Or Prayer Language
Here's what I have to say about speaking in tongues. I use to be scared of it and I grew up around it. I thought it was weird and wanted no part of it. Then God began to get my attention and drew me to an Assemblies of God Church. I noticed a difference right off the bat in that church vs. the Disciples of christ one I was attending.

Tongues Or Prayer Language
Once I found out it was Assemblies of God I started asking myself questions like maybe all that stuff in Acts is really true and maybe there is something to this Baptism in the Holy Spirit. I asked the Lord for the Baptism and I got the tongues as a prayer language. I remember the first time I prayed in the Spirit what it did to my soul- I fell in love with Jesus and all of a sudden he was all I could think about.

Tongues Or Prayer Language
I went back to that church and they laid hands on me even though I was already speaking in tongues. It just made me more hungry for God. I began to pray in tongues all the time when I was alone. I prayed in English too and I noticed I prayed in English with more power and I was remembering scripture to use when I prayed. I felt such intimacy with God when I used that prayer language. I grew closer to him and my Spirit was built up and that was exactly what God wanted to do with me.

Tongues Or Prayer Language
And now my sisters and brothers world wide-it's time for me to go to that secret place and shut the world out. May Jehovah Jirah bless you with favor grace, love, joy and peace. May Yeshua reach pour out his spirit like refreshing water on your soul and may you be refilled with the power you need to live the gospel.

Work The Crowd Up With Music
Okay, I can name many, many worship CD's that have music that is produced by "charasmatic churches" that do not have the same phrase repeating. I know because I have actually read the lyrics to learn them and sing them. Hillsong is a perfect example- very charasmatic church in Australia and they have a lot of lyrics in their songs- especially the ones written by Darlene or Reuben.

Work The Crowd Up With Music
Let's see- Christ for the Nations does have a lot of complicated lyrics that take forever to learn and are definately not repeating. Another one- Lakewood church- their music is phenominal and they have some wonderful lyrics. Put some organ music behind it and it's a hymn. People need to get their facts straight before they go making those comments about the repeating music mumbo jumbo.

Work The Crowd Up With Music
One more thing- the chorus is supposed to repeat-that's why it's called a chorus.
In heaven they sing the same chorus over and over again so why is it so hard to do it down here? I'm sure people who are not controlled by the Spirit of God can enter a trance like state. I have sung in charasmatic churches all my life. I have never entered a trance and never plan to.

Why Did God Create Us
God created us for his glory and also because he wanted someone to worship him that would do it on their own free will. He has the angels to worship him- he doesn't need the worship. He wants the intimacy with us and the relationship that comes when we lay it all down before him and completely surrender. This is worship and it is what he longs for with us. Read the Song of Soloman and you will find out why we were created.

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