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What Is Meaningless Repetition
Thank you so much Cynthia for sharing the message of Christ with people and for your great compassion for the lost. I was just curious - your posts are filled with great insight and Biblical wisdom - I was wondering whether you are a pastor. May God continue to bless and use you dear sister.

What Is Meaningless Repetition
What work do you do Cynthia?

Must Infants Be Baptised
Thank you dear all for your views - from what I can read here, there is really nothing wrong or unscriptural about baptizing infants. Lora, Steve and Phil the Elder I find your points particularly striking. If children can be dedicated to the Lord, they can as well be baptized. Indeed if based on 1st Corinthians 7:14, the faith of a believer can make his or her child Holy in the yes of God, expressing this faith practically by having it baptized would perhaps even be better.

Where Do We Go After Death
** Lillian and Clare ***
You pose interesting questions, but the problem is that the people you are asking really have no answers to them. If they dared to answer them honestly, it would erase their doctrine of soul sleep. That's why you see those ambigous responses he is giving. But we don't really have to cling to doctrines if they fly in the face of scriptural truths.

Where Do We Go After Death
Interesting debate, but have you considered that when Christ died His Spirit went to heaven? May be when He told the thief that they would be together in heaven, He meant their spirit-man, not their souls? Think about it, for Jesus was God even before glorification, and what is impossible for an omnipotent and omniscent God - to ascend and descend at the same time? I believe nothing was impossible for Him, even at that time.

Where Is Paradise
#1 **It amazes me that even in this age of Biblical enlightenment...**

Sister, dont be amazed, Ezekiel 12:2 says they have eyes to see but do not see, ears to hear but do not hear. Jesus also says: They look, but they do not see. They listen, but they do not hear or understand (Matt. 13:13). Studies of religious sects show that once a sect instils a belief in its followers, no amount of sound evidence will get it out of them.

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