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Mercy At Time Of Death
What if God had fixed you and others turned you backwards by food poisoning?

What's Up March 2014
And in that day God will pour out His spirit on all flesh...The coming of the Lord

What God Do You Serve
Marcion believed that their were 2 Gods. Male and Female. How could the same wrathful God of the Old Testament be the same loving God in the New Testament?

Is Dan Brown The Anti-Christ
I believe that he is part of it. Dossier Secrets are her secrets and they have been brain scalping people using mind control and mind altering drugs to invade minds of the holy. They have afflicted widows which is a sin. Ex 22:22 Thou shall not afflict widows for God shall hear their cry and kill them with the sword. (There was a generation that was pure in their owns yet have not been washed from their filthiness).

Divine Blood Controversy
Divine Blood is receiving the breath of life which is from God, which is the spirit of God. It is God putting his words in your mouth and you being able to speak what He wants. Prophecy.

Mentally Sick And Demons
A person cannot be deemed Mentally Delusion by their belief alone. Many people today have been martyred by Satan and his drug empire. Jesus talks about the 99 sheep. I know for a fact that people were baptised in the spirit in 1999 - 2000. The crown is of the martyrs not the ones who did the martrying.

Has God Forgiven Me
Because there is nothing that can separate you from the love of Christ. Not powers or principalities. If we repent of our sins then God is just to forgive us. Sin no more.

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