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Paddle His Bare Bottom
marissa. You sound like a real strict disciplinarian !!!

Emerging Church Movement
These are very different, as well as evil times. I'm afraid most people on planet earth are going south, if you catch my drift, and you won't need a coat.

Death Penalty Biblical Today
because God is a capitol punishment God.
He promised to reduce and bring the modern world as we know it to its knees through the means of a Great Tribulation. and through that event that is soon to come people will have to die as a result of rejecting God's Tree of Life and taking of the Tree of Death. it all goes back to the Garden of Eden. and the command to NOT take of that tree. The modern end-time civilization as we know it has been taking of the wrong tree and we are about to REAP THE WHIRLWIND.

Women Obedient To Husbands
I think that if a husband is clear about his expectations many women are happily and naturally obedient in the privacy of their own homes because most men require it. However, they are not prepared to be publically obedient. Yet we are begining to see examples of a new age where young women have a different attitude and are happily obedient.

Baptism of the Holy Spirit
I just recieved the holy spirit today. I fell out, slain in the spirit. It was great.

Catholic Stations Of The Cross
Helen, No offense, but you can be a pest. Why do you fight and buck against the body?

Prayer Room Blog

Prayer Room Blog
Exzucuh, get with the program brother, irene already gave the reason on 3/11/07. She said that since then, someone close to her was dying and since the first post have been released from their suffering. Just continue to pray for her and her family that the Lord comforts them and blesses the family as a result of this.

Explain The End Times
we should be worried about doing what God called us to do, worship and obey Him. And get as much done for the kingdom before His son returns. Instead of focusing on End Times stuff that maybe in the future or fulfilled in the past.

Christians Without Bibles
You need to get saved Tom. You don't know what you think you know.

Are Adventist A Cult
Lee..who r u worshiping and which God do u obey? Who's bible r u going by and why? If Jehovah, then are u not following the bible alone? seems so stupid 4 u 2 follow bible when u infact ignore all that it says in it. I see u as a hypocrite then. Symbolicly, Egypt means non believers and Israelites r believers. Who do u believe Lee?

UFO At Chicago O'Hare Airport
The name of that movie is Mars attacks. It was stupid but captivating. It was on T V late the other night. I couldn't go to sleep right away until I saw it.

I Forgot To Memorise A Prayer
Hey, it is not like you had problems memorizing scripture! This is more of a tradition!

Are Mormons Christians
Joseph Smith talks about the god and his council (Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith p. 348-349, and History of the Church, Vol 6, p. 308 and 374).
THE BIBLE: Chronicles 6:18, Psalm 139:4-8, and Jermiah 23:24 show there is ONLY ONE GOD!

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