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Divorced People Not Leaders
Why sit in the judgement seat against your brothers and sisters? You are wrong. It is written nowhere in the Bible that a divorced person can't be a leader. Whose blood washes them from sin? Whose grace is sufficient? Who gave them life and gifts? Who condemned them? Why block Heaven's door? How do you know who has been divorced or remarried one, two or maybe three times? God can't reach some of His people now for foolishness in the Church.

My Girlfriend Isn't A Virgin
Truly forgiving someone means taking the emotions off of the offense. We were once pure before the Lord but compromised. Jesus forgave us. Took our sin along with the emotion and didn't hold it against us. Practice taking the emotion away from her compromise. If you can't pray for his direction for the realtionship. He will either heal you or he'll end it. Either way he'll get the glory. Isn't that what we want from all of our realtionships for God to be glorified.

I Have A Crush On My Pastor
began to redirect your thinking. You have the power to overcome a "crush" on your pastor. Began to pray to God that he will prepare you for the man that he has for you. Tell him what you want. Have you gone to hell yet for any other lustful thought you had??? But beware lusful thoughts turn into sinful actions which produces sin (separation from God, no man is worth that not even your pastor)

Church Leader Is Sinning
Prayer is the key, you must humble yourself and allow God to do his work. And don't forget just because one holds a position in the church does not mean that they are exempt from failing. Not saying it is right but we must pray more and practice at passing judgment less. For we once were on the left but now we are on the right.

Unclean Homes A Sin
I don't think its right for anyone to live in a filthy home. Because there are so many reasons why the home is filthy, we must pray and ask God how and what if anything we can do. Maybe the pastors wife can be blessed and asked out of love to clean it for her, chances are she'll do it herself only because you asked.

Roles Of Women In Church
Everyone has a different calling and a different gift. Preacher and Pastors are called to minister, lead, and teach the ways of the Lord to Gods flock. A sunday school teacher leads, teaches and ministers to students. A pastor has an extra calling be a shephard and provide for the sheep. A sunday school teacher prepares others with the knowledge of Christ. God is sovereign. Who can stop him from calling a woman to usher the adult from the sunday school class to the real world? God may be preparing you.

Obeying The Law Of God
Its been commented ones can't believe how some Christians want to reap the blessings and not submit. It's only we taste and see that He is good and his mercy endureth foreve that we lack the reasoning why all don't submit. Tell a child to make some cookies, their mouths will water for the the taste of the cookies but don't want to bake them. If you know someone or if you are someone like this, go through the process of baking, you will no longer desire the cookie but you will taste it.

Pastor's Daughter Is Wild
As a parent whether you are a pastor or not, you can only train up a child, but the child still has a choice to become and do whatever they choose to do. If God's ability to stay on the throne depended on our actions, he never would have made it, let alone been questioned to step down.

Distance Learning Degrees
Never_went,I just wanted to encourage "you" to seek God in all that you do. I stress the "you" because what God has for "you" is for "you". What Bill Gates and Michael Dell has is for them. God has given "you" certain gifts and talents that He desires to mature within you. He has a plan to lead you and guide you to the place of maturity. In the meantime we must seek out God's sucess and stear clear of the worlds. Seek ye first the kingdom of God and pray.

Persecution Of Jesus
Gods persecution is a picture of our sins, yours and mind and its a picture of how much he loves us. He loves us so much that he chose to go through all that for me and for you. He loves us through our pain, our shame, our sin, our up our downs, when others kick us while we're down, spit on us, lie about us. His persecution had to be great in order for us to know what real love looks like, feels like and what real love will endure for the one "it" loves.

Walk By Faith Is Impossible
Have you sat in a chair lately and not fallen? have you stepped on the ground lately and it not moved? so is the same with Christ. You trust that he is going to make to keep you midst of your new surroundings. He'll always be steady ground under your feet. Faith grows with experience and it sounds to me the fact the you have tripped and got back up, you have the faith. Stay with the Lord, He has given you all the faith you need for today. He has already taken care of tommorrow.

Religious Person And Christmas
I think that you should stand firm . Jesus went to many parties and happenings that contain Christians and non believers, but he went. They were able to see how Jesus behave and carred himself in those situations. Alot of times, maybe it convinced the non Christian to follow him and seek the joy he portrayed.

How Often Should We Repent
When you were baptized you were wshed in the blood, it took away your sins from your birth yntil then. Now you are a newborn that had come to the father and naturally you will commit many sins. Each and ecery sin we commit whether knowinly or unknowily, we pray and ask for forgiveiness. If you don't then you come before the Lord covered in sins and He won'r accept you.

Do Doctors Or Jesus Heal
Jesus heals, but sometimes He do it through others. Jesus had Luke, a doctor, one of His disciples who traveled with Him. lots of time when Jesus performed a healing, He uses items to help Him. Since He is not down here on earth, He has sent us others to help, just like He has sent the Holy Ghost to be with us.

Divorce For Emotional Adultry
You are a Christian but are you listening to God. Have you prayed about this and seek God on this matter. Youe husband is a Christian but he truly need to ask God to help him with his problen because it's not God like. If your husbnd has asked for a divorce in a short period of time ask God to show you the real reason. You need to stop and think how the marriage been in that 3 years time. Is it something you really want to contine for years and years, especially if he don't get help.

Should I Pursue This Man
Pray and ask God for your answers. Ask God to gude and lead. Ask God if you should pursue this man, you know the bible says "the man that finds a wife, finds a good thing" so that means the man finds you not you find him.

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