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Mary The Blessed Mother
Prayers to Mary are for intercession. People will always disagree on whether it should be done or not done. Learn what you can about Mary. She is a woman who should be honored. At the wedding at Cana Jesus listened to her - if she intercedes on your behalf maybe he would listen again.

Jesuites Believe In Mary
** How can you tell when an rcc has lost argument?**

***How can you tell when a pop-evangelical has lost an argument?

Is this like those Jokes How many Christians does it take to screw in a lightbulb?.....

the answer: None we shine from in to be a reflection of Jesus's light to the world. We don't need lightbulbs.

What Is Intercessory Prayer
Debbie-We don't pray to these people, but rather -- we just ask them or they do it on their own praying TO Jesus, not to Mary.

Catholics ask Mary to pray for them like you would ask a neighbor to pray for you. Some people will say Mary is dead and so you can't ask her to pray for you. But Mary has eternal life because she believes in Jesus so she's not dead.

There may be some prayers that sound worshipful - but in the end they all ask for the same simple thing - for Mary to pray for us.

What Is A Rosary Used For
The point sweetheart is that Catholics believe what you quoted above but you still condemn them.

I mis-spoke Catholics are not that judgmental - we leave the Judging to Jesus. If you live in a remote Amazon jungle and have never heard of Jesus - how can you be punished for it. If you live in a hovel in Iraq and are not allowed to know about Jesus how can you be condemned for that? We are saved through Jesus, but he has divine mercy to help those who may have never heard of him.

Billy Graham Largest Evangelist
Jason - Grace, #2 Again I ask Can A person be led to the Lord from the Book of John?

I think you can be led to the Lord by reading the bible and that includes reading the Gospel of John. Because you can read what is written and hunger for God's righteousness. So yes, I believe reading the Gospel of John (and the bible) can lead a person to Christ. No reading the bible doesn't give you salvation - but it can lead you to Jesus who can give it to you.

If You Could Talk To God
I talk to God all the time. But what I'd ask for this specific moment:

1. How can I let your light shine through me?
2. Will you fill my daughter with your Holy Spirit?
3. What are you calling me to do?

Music To Seek God
In John chapter 17 Jesus prays to God. In his prayer he says he does not ask God to take his disciples out of the world but that You keep them safe from the evil one.

It can be contributed to disciples being in the world and still being disciples of Christ-using what they are given to spread Christ's message. When Christ taught in parables he gave examples the everyday man could understand. Contemporary Christian music does the same thing.


Music To Seek God
Music touches the heart and is a universal language, much like love is a universal language. So yes, it can inspire a person to seek God. Contemporary Christian music has it's place in worship. It is for each person's individual taste.

Even if some think it's bad - God often uses bad things for God - so it can still inspire a person to seek God.

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