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Date A Blind Woman
Dating a blind woman is not bad, you gonna make her to believe that no matter what she is going through she is still loved.

Husband Is Controlling
My husband of 5 months is very controlling. He's a member of Church of Christ and he's always saying that he shouldn't have married out of his religion. He knew is was baptist, but he views me as being of the world and says that he will never step foot in my chuch. He tries to control everything. Right down to a picture on the wall and then his excuse for not hanging the pictures the way I wanted is: He's the head of the house and god put him in charge. He can consult with me, but he doesn't have to do it my way. I can't even decide where a picture goes. Is Submission his answer to everthing or just CONTROL!!

Churches Of Revelation
I believe the seven chuches symbolize your personal character in Christ. God said "you are the church" not the building you attend. So if I'm the church what type of christ like character do I have within me. Therefore, God describe the chracteristic of each church and you need to be honest with yourself to see what church you are in. And take heed to what the spirit says to do or not to do. Because He is coming back for the church.

What's The Point Of Life
But, there are actual living things on this planet. My dog notices when I'm missing and expresses sadness when I'm gone and joy when I return. This happens with people too. Furthermore, there is God's love. He loves us at all times and just wants us to "be" with Him. To have a relationshiop with Him. We can do this by spending time with Him through prayer, reading scripture, serving others, etc. God is Love. And he wants us to truly experience His Love.

Church Furniture Grows Church
Wendell: I totally agree with you! :)

Can Ladies Wear Pants
The Lord did say that there would be those who strain at a gnat and swallow a camel. There would also be those who glory in another's flesh. Paul wrote that we should go beyond unto perfection, or completeness. It's a blessing to know that the Lord fulfilled all righeousness so that when I do my best he can forgive me where I fall short.

Is The Trinity Concept Made Up
Trinity may not be worded but the word is spirit with spiritual meanings. Such as the sun,{greater light,God}, moon,{lesser light,the son},and stars,{children led by the spirit}, a threefold cord. Two or three witnesses shall establish every matter. There are three that bear record in heaven and three that bear witness in earth. He keeps our body, soul and spirit. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The trinity can be seen in many places.

Roles Of Women In Church
It blesses my soul to know that Ja-el and Deborah were signs of leadership by the grace of God. Also, as Mary bore our Lord, Sarah in types and shadows bore the promise of God. Philip had four daughters that orophesied and Priscilla assisted Aquilla. It's comforting to know that while the church will not teach it's husband, he allows grace for his handmaids to be used. Sarah was also called the mother of the church {1 Peter 3:6} as an example for us. It's a blessing to carry my Lord in my heart.

Why Pray Hail Marys
The word of God is clear that there is ONE mediator between man and God-CHRIST. Truly Mary was blessed to give birth to our Lord and deserves honour for that. Judges 5:24 says blessed ABOVE all women in the tent shall be Ja-el, the wife of He-ber. She smote the enemy, or did a work of faith too. Acts shows that Mary was in the upper room and had to receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost like the others.

Two Different Types Of Baptisms
Water baptism is the answer of a clean conscience to God. It signifies the public acknowledgement and obediance of faith in the death and ressurrection of Jesus. The Baptism of the Holy Ghost with evidence of speaking in tongues is the spiritual baptism. Those who have been baptised by the Holy Ghost truly know. Ask, and it shall be given.

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