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Prayers God Has Honored
Hi Im new to this site, but just think that prayers being answered is like a garden. Ill explain. Some weeds in a garden are small and come up quickly whereas others their roots go down a very long way. Some prayers get answered quickly, but others I think the Holy Sirit is gently removing the rubble and hardened earth to be able to get that harmful root up out of the soil. Prayers too sometimes need a time to be worked through. So we need to be patient and trust that God always has the best in His heart for our lives, and will not deny us those things which He knows is right for our lives and spiritual growth and service to Him. Just thoughts.

Fornicate And Still Be A Christian
The bible says "there is no one good no not one". Christ died and was resurrected because we are not good and fall into error. If this woman is a believer she will be convicted by the Holy Spirit that she is doing wrong.

Still My Wife In Heaven
When the disciples didn't understand why Jesus didn't just let Lazarus wake up on his own, Jesus told them plainly that Lazarus was dead. The Bible calls death "sleep" over 50 times.

How Should We View Money
Money is a wonderful tool, the money we have the more good we can do!

God Isn't Answering My Prayers
Remember to pray each day for there is love and power in prayer. Every prayer is important and always heard no matter how big or how small you believe your prayer may be.

I Want My Joy Back
Sweetheart, your joy is not gone it is only covered up by emotional loss. As like a book's pages retrace your path over the past (since when?) until you have walked over it again. The memories may help. If you are lucky enough you will have known if/or what type of cologne (or other scent) your dad wore, get it and sprinkle some around yourself or space until you can smell it. This crazy method has done wonders for me since my own dad passed 10 yrs. ago. I advise this a lot for women since it was the best way to 'feel' someone close. Works for spouses who are gone out-of-town also. Pray for you this works.

Jack Of All Trades
Did you think to actually ask God for an answer while praying? I have done this and had answers quite quickly. I can't advise that you should act upon any message you get back from asking as it may not be what you are expecting. Could shock you also but it is worth trying. God answers can be very clear if you ask the proper questions in an appropriate way. First relax and concentrate. Think about what you can do vs. what you would not try, then narrow down your question until you know what to pray for to start with. This may take time until you get it just so. It will work eventually. Pray you can ask concisely.

Courted By Two Men
First off everyone. the question is should each be told about the other, who is doing the courting. I say yes. Each gentleman should know about the other. Perhaps neither has any commitment intentions at all and the lady should know about that then she would not be confused should either one declare they are "only friends". Secondly, why is every one on the attack against the woman who has two men interested in her? Back to the 'harem'? Really. This is perfectly normal and most of what I have read insists something is morally wrong about companionship & that it is solely the responsibility of the female.

Never Opened A Bible
You have begun. Very well then,now all you need to do is get your hands on The Holy Bible. It is really worth reading. This will take a long time but at your age a year is nothing. You will have difficulty understanding some things but others will be very easy to understand. You should read it more than once. Don't try to understand everything all at once. There are some good reference materials that attempt to explain it but many can be misleading from the source. Get a Hebrew Greek Key Study that will help to translate some ancient text to assist. Re-read it, Granny did 14 times.

Supernatural Christian Life do you know it's awesome if you've not gone yet? You are interchanging spirituality with supernatural here and that's o.k. When you and 'yourself' have gotten together alone in the quiet while you pray for God to answer the prayer only to find out you got the reply in your soul where nobody else can find it you will then have felt for you 'both' the powerful truth of your question. Verify it that way. Only until you experience the spiritualness of that moment will you better understand your own question and believe more firmly in your professed faith.Skip more conferences. Pray for wisdom. It will come to you.

I Was Asked To Leave The Church
Eloy. Unfortunately you present to be 'the scary type of christian' that tends to turn some away from hearing/listening. Some simply want to discuss God. Although you may be entitled to your opinion... the thought of 'that information' being heard or read by my children dismays me. Please, pray for a little peace of mind for yourself. God has made us all differently and left us confused because He is God. It thankfully is not your job to straighten the rest of us out to see things your way. If I met you on the street Brother I'd run as have so many others have done when His name is mentioned in public.God Bless Dear.

Beginning Of The End
In agreement w/ Timothy. Seems to me that the end has begun long ago. The concept escapes us since time is a manmade description on keeping track. We are not God therefore will not know when the end is because we're not to try to waste our precious time guessing. After the end how will you explain to God that that's what you spent your time here doing. As an amusement I guess its wonder about it naturally. I believe that we ought to be doing more important things than second guessing the plan of the Creator. If we were meant to have the information I'm sure we would. God kept this part vague for us.

Stop The Unbearable Pain
Taking Honey with a teaspoon of white vinegar early and late daily could offer ease of pain. Sounds like you get winter there so I'd try sunshine as much as I could get it then during the cold (which is most awful) get a moist heat. I use a wet washcloth inside of a plastic bag that has been heated in the microwave for about two minutes. It will be hot so careful to touch it . Place it on or under where the pain is until it's barely chilled off then repeat if needed. Works best at night but you could find your washcloth out of the bed in the morning. Good luck trying the moist heat since you'll get better sleep from it.

Pastor Charging For Services
Passed up the big church in exchange for a Magistrate in a 300 year old courthouse for $40.00 out of State. Planning a Wedding? I'd suggest shopping around. How big is that church and how well do you know the Reverend. Asked about a cost for church for about $ 3000.00 (only) around 25 years ago and though that man was out of his mind. Beautiful place that had an ugly electric bill along with other expenses I'm sure. Might depend on if you got a discount from being a church member or not also. Can see how some weddings are in the multi-thousands of dollars if you think about it. Think about what you can afford truly.

I'm A Recovering Agnostic
Darling. You made me laugh as your observation was unfortunate for the folks you have described. I have a suggestion for you, get this thing called a Bible and open it. I you read all of the pages you will eventually come to the end of it. Afterward then I would consider visiting churches or groups of people who have similar views as you do. These designations that people put to humans only distract from what should be a relationship between you and God. He won't mind if you read The Bible. You need a quiet space and some time to do it. I think you'll feel better about this when finished. Everyone should read this .Relax.

Drug Rehab For Crazy In-Law
Please and politely butt-out of the mother-in-laws private business. Perhaps she is simply crazy and you are being to critical of her. Maybe her doctor hasn't adjusted her pills to a level that he needs her to be at. Are you doing her any favors, why do you think you are the appropriate person to determine what is best for her? I'd like to know how she feels about you and your wife.Maybe she's sicker than she wants u to know and it's something that really is not any of your affair. Crazy is very harsh, not an accurate medical diagnosis 'Dr. Son-in-law'. Be a bit more hands off w/ the gal.

Still Friends With Trouble Maker
In response to this situation I can only repeat two common sense pieces of advise to you that I am reminded of which fit my own relationship with our neighbors residing east of our lot. The first is: 'There are two kinds of people in this world. Those who have a little something, and those who seek to take it from them.' Secondly: 'Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.' This is difficult to do. The people next door have gotten their share in due lately. Of their own doing those that they have been doing these things to have talked about the situation, done nothing about it, left it to God. We see a horizon.

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