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Not Good For A Man To Be Alone
No the rules are not different for you.

When I was your age I felt the same way.
Gods timing is always the BEST ! I tried
to make relationships work, but God stopped all of them. I became a Christian at the
age of 30. God had to mold and shape me
to become the wife he wanted me to be.

I prayed for years ! I am now married to
a wonderful godly man who loves the Lord
first and then me. I wouldn't change my
life for anything. I was 45 1/2 years old
when I walked down the isle to the Love of
my Life. We have been married for 5 beautiful years. All my hard times and
heartbreaks made me the person I am today.

Rest in the Lord and His timing.

Joel Osteen's Lakeway Church
I used to listen to Joel Olsteen a lot and enjoyed it. But, he isn't telling it like it it. He is glossing over the truth. Never says anything about Hell and how not to go there. In this day and age we need straight talk, I think he's afraid of hurting someone's feelings or losing an audience. He should be more concerned about their salvation.

Can't Stand My Husband
I do feel one can marry the wrong spouse. The bible says do not be unequally yoked(2 cor 14:1),what does light have to do with darkness. Everyday I have to pray that God give me strenth to deal with him and not allow bitterness to over take my heart. My love may very well be present, but it is hidden so deep because of his terrible disposition he displays every day. I learned to pray for his salvation and for God to save him. He claims that he is saved. I can't tell.

Christmas Put Me In Debt
Uh-oh. From the replies you have received you have seen the truth. Satan strips us of hope when we financially ruin ourselves. Have you ever looked at the "Financial Peace University" series. Our church has given this class several times. Dave Ramsey does talk about creating extra revenue and how to cut the fat. We added a home based business to lift us quickly out of our farming debt. May god bless you abundantly in all things in 2008 so you can be free from the worry of debt. Paulette

Do You Know Jesus
Yes I do, and one day I will meet Him and be able to thank Him face-to-face for all He has done for me.

Explain The Heavenly Language
Bruce I can what you mean but I can assure you that I have an lot of friends and relatives who attend various charismatic churches. I sometimes attend myself with friends and they are all very vocal about tongues, either letting me know they can speak in tongues or, if they cannot, that they constantly ask God for this gift and cannot understand why He hasn't given it to them yet. NEVER have I heard anyone talk about prophesy this way. Tongues seems to be what everyone desires and strives for.

Explain The Heavenly Language
Bruce 'I would that ye all spake with tongues, but rather that ye prophesied:' This has always confused me because all the people I know who attend charismatic churches (and I know quite a lot) earnestly seek the gift of tongues but I know of no-one at all who earnestly seeks the gift of prophecy, and I know very few indeed who have the gift of prophecy. Why would you say this is?

Saints In Heaven Intercede For Us
Emcee, the kind of 'saint' that you refer to is only recognised by the Roman catholic church. It is not scriptural AT ALL. Scripture refers to true believers as saints. Some of those are now in Heaven of course but many of us are still alive and sharing what we can with each other. If you disagree please post scriptures that refer to the 'saints' to which you and your church refer.

Saints In Heaven Intercede For Us
Emcee the difference between you as a Roman Catholic and those of us who are Christians is that you seem to believe that the word saint means dead people where we mean living, breathing, Christians. These are the ones referred to in the creed 'the communion of saints (believers)'. We need communion/fellowship with those who love the Lord as we ourselves do. Any prayers we pray to dead people will not be passed on I'm afraid because we are told who to pray to, anything else is disobedience.

Can You Lose Your Salvation
My son attends an apostolic church in U.K. they state that 'God is faithful and gracious to his people, earnestly desiring and providing for our salvation. It is possible, however, for a Christian to forfeit salvation by a wilful failure to continue in faith and obedience.' The scriptures they give to justify this belief are 1 Corinthians 10:12, 1 Timothy 1:19, Hebrews 3:12. But I personally believe that God never lets us go once we are His.

Any Thoughts On Cremation
Coral what you say about passing their children through fire is probably referring to live children - human sacrifices. That can hardly be compared with burning DEAD bodies. If I've misunderstood what you refer to please inform me. I'm here to learn.

Mega Church Pastor Salaries
June did you really mean this:- "What person would want to become a Christian if they thought it was a vow of poverty. God does not expect that."? There are many Christians who are extremely poor (are far as money is concerned) but their wealth is in other things. Perhaps you didn't mean it the way it looks in print but you seem to be saying that wealth is the lure to Christianity and not Christ's love for us shown through His sacrifice.

Dress Anyway To Church Today
Doesn't it say somewhere in scripture that our dress should be modest. For many people that would not mean come as you are because what they are is nothing like modest. Is the 'come as you are' bit referring to how we dress or does it mean be yourself, no airs and graces or falseness about you? I'm not sure where it says that so would someone tell me so I can check the context of it. Thanks.

Don't Want To Go To Church
When my kids started school I would keep them home if they were ill with something infectious. However many other mums did not do this when their children were ill. Consequently the illnesses would go round and round for ages with my children getting these things a second or third time from those who still brought the germs to school. I used to get cross about this but to no avail. Perhaps the mums you are talking about feel a little bit how I felt then and just think 'please keep your germs to yourself'.

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