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Why Should Pastors Get Paid
I think people put value on things which can create Confusion. Money should have no value. ignore the numbers used.

Unsaved In Bars And Casinos
that's a hard ? to tackle. I'm a backslider, my father was a preacher and I was raised in a church. 10 christians handing out pamphlets outside a casino or bar wouldn't freak me out because I used to do that. But 10 christians outside a casino at a tent or organized showing, I might stop by. Make it look official, you might get more results...

Is It OK To Divorce My Husband
It's amazing how quickly the females on here can justify separation or divorce with supposed scripture. And I ask all of you, one simple question, isn't there always two sides to a story. My grandfather was not saved until he was 86, should I have given up on him before then? Keep the faith sister, convince him to go to church and convince him again if need be, don't get divorced.

Raising The Dead In America
In one of the gospels, someone commented about Jesus that before Him, no one ever raised a man from the dead.
How could this be said, especially if a Jewish person had the Scriptures about Elisha??

Biblical Business Partners
Desert Rose, turn back to your husband, the grass is not greener in the desert regions.
It's a spiritual drought out there.
As soon as you hooked up with the keen, sharp business partner, you'd be sick of him in no time. It is a mirage in the desert.

What Makes A Great Pastor
A great pastor leads a crucified life of prayer and fasting. Inside you will find the Holy Spirit.
A faithful wife and a praying congregation will hold the pastor's arms up.
If the pastor is led of the Holy Spirit, the lost and dying will find their way to the front door, and Jesus Christ.

Catholic And Christian Differences
Are you saved because you believe?

You would say yes.

But how do you know that someone has faith?

Christ said "But now faith, hope, love, abide these three, but the greatest of these is love."
How do you know you love someone?

If love is the greatest of these then to Love is greater than Faith.

The only answer you can come up with is by works. Works is how we know if someone Love's our Lord and whether someone has faith or not.

I Want A Woman President
I don't have a problem having a woman as President of the USA. I do have serious problems with Hillary Clinton, flips and flops, border line socialist. Very devious personna, and only mentions God/Jesus when it's convenient to gather votes. If she wins, I hope I am wrong, after all, we have one President at a time. I want any President to perform well.

Reading Harry Potter
I saw J.K. on the news last night. Every time I see the woman, I see someone so wrapped up in fantasty/witchcraft and in utter tears over those characters in her books, it's more than bizarre. But she has made mountains of cash off of you. So go ahead and worship at the altar of Harry Potter.

What Are Ghosts
It amazes me how many Christains read the Bible and don't understand it! Ghost are DEMONS!!! If you knew the Bible then you would understand this. May God enlighten all!

Who Is Kim Clement
Danie9374, He is a true prophet of God who is sensitive to His Spirit. For Alan8869 - Kim not only predicted Katrina, but the Pakistan earthquake also. Check his website for his Detroit September 17, 2005, prophecy on this. Janet, will the new "Big E" source of energy which Kim has prophesied about (on at least 3 occasions now) be Ethanol-based? Why do you think this? As an engineer in the energy sector with a doctorate, I am very interested.

Why Do Churches Baptize Babies
This baby baptism is not in the Bible. Perhaps Tina, could you show us where your proof is?

Why Are Teens Cutting Themselves
Well, it could be a number of reasons: psychological, social influence (peer pressure), or other reasons. Although I may not know why she is doing it, I know why she should NOT. God has made our body as a vessel to work with and to care for. Cutting yourself is to hurt God's most precious creation: yourself. I would strongly advise you to talk with your daughter, and seek professional religious help and psychological attention, if you think they might at all be needed.

Where Are The Men For Widows
If you have a clear mind of being in the right time to have another realtionship, (i.e. you have a stable family, sound physical, emotional and mental state,) I would say that's God's time to prepare you for.

Your part is to prepare and present yourself, search someone with Bible's references, i.e. a faithful person, with good spiritual life, healthy personalities (fruits of the spirit) etc.

God has set up the stage, all you need to do is to act it out. Everything happen is under God's eyes. God is not the man hidding behind and holding your arms to move.

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