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My Husband Will Not Work
I have a niece that her husband wont work and is lazy. They are over their ears in debt due to him not working and morgaged their house and credit cards out of sight. He left in the middle of the night one night and said he went walking to talk to God. He was reported missing and was found the next afternoon in a swamp sitting on a log in waist deep water. No explanation other than talking to God. This is a guy that wont even cross the street to get the mail! She had him committed a couple of months ago to get help and he snowed the doctors and is back at home and sitting on his bottom not working as usual. She cannot leave the kids with him because she is scared. She is confused and scared of being alone. She needs help!

Should Abortion Be A Choice
Abortion is "Murder"! And Murder is a "Sin"! Women, Do have a "choice", except for "Rape"! And, Yes, they will answer to God for it!

October 2008 What's Up
Let me tell you what is going on with me and my Church in October.
Last Sunday night, which was Oct. 6, we had a Gospel group, to come to our Church to sing.
They were Calvary's Hill Quartet, out of North Carolina.
The youngest of the group, Br. Jeremy, age 29 had something wrong with his heart. He was going to have to have surgery Tuesday. At the close of the service, we anointed him with Oil, and everyone, who wanted to, came up and laid hands on him and Prayed for him. Monday, he went to the Doctor for his Pre-Opt work before Surgery. THE DOCTOR COULD NOT FIND ANYTHING WRONG WITH HIM!! God had Healed him and he did not have to have surgery! Praise God!! Don't tell me that, God does not still perform Miracles!!

Should Parents Teach Their Kids
The Bible says that Parents should rear children up in the way that, they should go!

Do Our Words Have Power
I honestly hope that we are answering these questions to edify one another and not simply expressing opinion because the word of God is not based on opinion and should not be expressed in opinion. His word is Truth and if we are to be like Christ we need to have the FAITH that christ had because it is by faith that we are even saved.

Do Our Words Have Power
The holy spirit has been given to us by God without measure John3:34. 1cor 6:19 WE are the temple.We are to be the image of Christ by Faith in the power of the living God and through the attonement of Christ and by the Holy spirit bearing witness with our spirits that we are children of God. Rom8:16. If God is in us, then are we not made Holy through Him? It is FAITH in the promises of God, not self justification or proclamation.Is what God says "mumbo jumbo"? Where is the Faith?

Do Our Words Have Power
Jesus prayed for His disciples to be ONE as He and God are ONE. Therefore we are made unified through Christ with our creator. Otherwise how would His glory be made manifest in us? If you ask anything in my name, that I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the son. John 14:13 Although it is true that If we live for christ we seek things which are above and we do not lose heart if they are not quickly supplied.

Do Our Words Have Power
I believe that our words do have power. The bible says Jesus was the word made manifest by God. If you believe in the power of Christ, why do you not believe in WHO and WHAT He is? God is not magic, magic is deception. The WORD of God is TRUTH. But if you do not have FAITH then NO ONES answer will be of any help to you. You should ask God instead of other people who only provide you with their biased opinions. Remember Jesus asked: And why call ye me, Lord, Lord, and do not the things I say? Luke 6:46

Pastor Refused Me In Church
I will be Praying for your Pastor! He will have to answer to God for what he did!

Why Do Women Want Money
Not all Women are this way! There is some of us that, prefer a "Godly Man", no matter what, he has in this world!

Deep Fellowship With Sinners
Two people living together, without being "Married", is wrong in God's Word. And, they are not "Christians". If, they think this, is ok, there is no telling what, they would think, was ok in Business!

Women Want An Immediate Answer
Hello Dave,
I don't know about the other women, here on this site. But, i understand what you are saying. Because, i work a very demanding job also. And, i don't always have the time to get online everyday. So, don't give up. There is some, who know, what you are going thru.
God Bless You,

Should Parents Teach Their Kids
The Bible says that Parents should rear children up in the way that, they should go!

Excommunicate Non-Believer
If, you are a "Christian", why would you want to marry someone, who is not a "Christian"?

Urgent Prayer Request
Your Brother will be in my Prayers today! I will Pray for him and also for you and the rest of your family! May God give you The Peace and Comfort that, you need at this time!
God Bless You Always,

Is This Prophetess Of God
Yes I have heard of Junita Bynum and she is very real and totaly a woman of God!

Virginia Tech Mass Murders
Yes, the DEVIL is always behind "ALL EVIL"!!

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