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Son In Pink Clothing

In the Word of God it stipulates that " Man wear that which pertains to man and woman wear that which pertains to woman "
When I read your story, I have to think " Are they Children of God?"
There were two cities that was destroyed by God because they started off with ideas like yours.
If they have something dangling between their legs then it's safe to say that it's a boy. I've never heard of a doctor picking up a newborn and seeing it's a boy says " it's a girl ".

Should Christians Drink Alcohol
It is ok. It is written in the book of I Timothy 5:23 that a LITTLE wine is recommended.

Moderation in all things, abstain if you cannot be moderate.

Wife Filed For Divorce
This an interesting debate that has begun. I would agree that seeking counsel is not only a good idea in general but biblical. Ironically enough, my wife is also a Christian and has sought no counsel, other than to trust only her personal feelings and follow what she believes the Spirit is leading her. Did the Holy Spirit guide her to break her vow and destroy our marriage?

Wife Filed For Divorce
We are both Christians, although she has said she doesn't think the Bible should be taken literally (at least not in the case of divorce, obviously). I have been diligently seeking God's will in this, I have learned much, and worked on my part in the breakdown, but I did not commit adultery, I did not abuse her or anything of the sort. I have wanted so much to show her love, but she just keeps pulling farther away and has made it clear she is done for good. Because of my vow, I believe I should wait...but for how long? Indefinitely? Why should I keep hoping for a relationship that is dead...when is it ok to move on? (not that i want to)

Promises From God On Remarriage
what concerns me the most is the fact that you are remarrying. God is very clear on that subject. You are to remain unmarried or else be reconciled to your husband/wife. (1 Corin. 7:10-11) and God will do that if you wait and pray. a new spouse is not from God because He doesn't do anything that contradicts His Word.

Frosty The Snowman Biblical
There must have been some majic in that bag of coke they found,
For when he dropped a line or two, he began to dance around.
Such a beautiful Christmas song for the whole family!

Christian Woman Marry A Hindu
Well she can , so long as, she is able to accept him as he is, and he able to accept her as she is.

No one should convert, if they have to live forever together without resentment - faith and religion are a part of life, and leaving that for someone else sticks in your brain, and will build resentment and a bad relationship over time.

For all those who think it's a sin, or everything other than Christianity is wrong, shouldnt be having affairs or relationships with people of other religions in the first place... simple .

Who is John Hagee?
Considering what Rev. Hagee has said about New Orleans, I wonder what the people in Galveston and Houston did wrong. Why were they targeted by God? Could this be a warning of some kind?

No Peace As A Christian
tune in to Intouch Ministery's Dr. Charles Stanly Senior Pastor. Your answer and reasons are there. If your serious you will get help complete.. May you know God did not have it easy here..

Where Is The Ark Of The Covenant
I think that Ark of the Covenant is under the spot where Jesus was crucified called Golgotha. (or also known as the skull)

They Make Fun Of My Weight
Some things one wants to do that just isn't natural to their flesh and it takes a lot of self will. Like a type of sport someone wants to be good at. They hate training for it physically by running, lifting weights,

e.t.c but they love riding bikes and are fascinated with playing tennis. I'm just

saying you could look to alternatives for losing weight. Not drugs and stuff, maybe if you find a sport you really like. You'll be so interested in it, you won't even notice you're losing weight.

Exceptions For Divorce
Is seeing someone in secret, outside of the marriage considered adultery, or at least sexually immoral. Acts such as kissing, making out, excessive phone calls and emails are involved. It is unknown wheter intercourse is involved.

Get Behind Me Satan
I must have had that all messed up. I thought when Jesus said, Satan get behind thee, he was showing Peter and Elishia that if we use the power of the word through Jesus Christ our Savior, we have the power to command Satan away from us and from our work.

My Girlfriend Isn't A Virgin
If you asked God for a virgin, then wait for her. He doesn't let you down. Soul ties (bonds created between people when they have sex) don't die easy. I've been there.

Dating Unsaved Girl For Years
The Lord will honor your decision to follow and obey His Word. It could even lead your girlfriend to Christ.. God is BIG, He knows your heart if you will follow Him. Things will only get worse if you continue to be with her against God's Word, you cannot change her, only pray that God in His Soveriegnty will save her also. Keep your eyes on HIM! BE ENCOURAGED!

Pastors Wife Goes To Other Church
We had dealings with a couple like this...we saw that the husband, on the outside to church people was a upstanding individual, but as a person to his family and people that were close to him, he was totally different.... He expected more from relationships than what could be expected, he wanted alot of acknowledgement because he had the word "Pastor" by his name, his wife even had to refer to him as "Pastor" instead of his name.... A real "Pride" problem in the home....

My Husband Keeps Cursing
Mine does to and I have children. It is so diblitating and I have reached my wits end. If it is on his mind it is on his tongue.

God Doesn't Answer Me
I am a woman in my mid thirties experiencing the very same problem. Its depressing. I have prayed for years (very many years) for God to send my husband yet I am still single. I have pursued a career had professional success but I ache to be a wife and mother and to make matters worse I have an illness (fertility issue) that means if I don't have a baby in a year or two I may never be able to have children! My faith is being challenged.

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