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Can God Break A Promise
paul what is your members name?, i canot find you in the friends and penpals

Can I Marry A Muslim
Sulaiman, that is the problem, many Christians need to justify their actions, and why they should or should not marrie . truth is that in relations there are no limitations to christians but one. that is if anyone needs to marry he/sh e should marrie in Christ. to me thats a good enough reason. my bible sais marry in Christ alone so i do it. ps i do have manny muslim friends, that i respect allot.

Do Unborn Babies Go To Hell
how can someone who knows no sin go to hell?

Invest In The Stock Market
no its not a sin to invest in a stock market many christians are investing in stock market its not gambling it safe for all christians

Baptism Guarantees Salvation
yes i truely believe in baptism baptism by the holy spirit of god it cleans the inner soul and sets our soul free to recieve the body and motion of christ wich is called the holy ghost of god

Explain Matthew 10: 34-35
This text is another reason why Christendom is erroneously against YHWH and the Old Testament. Proverbs 6:19 makes it clear that Jesus is going against Torah by being divisive against parents. Malachi 4:6 tells us that the real Messiah will unite parents and children. The real Messiah will bring peace. He will NOT bring a sword, but rather turn swords into plowshares. How Christianity doesn't realize the hypocrisy of this statement is just as absurd as their inability to realize that the New Testament is nothing more than a reworking of other virgin born deities in solar personification. Turn from idolatry of Jesus and worship YHWH ELOHIM AND NO OTHER!

Why Do You Believe In Jesus
i believe for one reason jesus is the son of god i always believe

Hawaii Cruise Vacation
yes i always wanted to take a hawaii

Report Miracle Healing
yes i personaly seen lots of mirracle healings happen before me

Pay Off Debts Or Pay Tithes
yes he is right if you pay your tiths first and god will help you with your bills tiths always come first cause it is part of god god says pay tiths and be blessed 100 fold

Payday Loans For Debts
there is nothing wrong with excepting pay day loans any loan is great even for christians like us we all need some kind of help god will let us borrow money from pay day loans and other places nothing wrong with it

Stop The Unbearable Pain
i dont know how to stop joint pain all you can do is pray ask god to take away joint pain i have arthuritues my self i take medicen for my arthuritues meds dont stop it meds just slow things pain down

Drug Rehab For Crazy In-Law
i dont know if they should be get her tested and let the dr decide on her getting treatment if she is hooked on theme then have her checked out by dr and the 3 of you can decide

Can I Save My House
before fileing bank ruptcy ask god to help you if two agree then god will help as he promised in the bible but that is your choice on something like this only god can help save every thing just ask him god i mean he will give you the answers you seek looking for

Fiance Borrowing My Money
there is nothing wrong with christitians borrowing money but you should stop loaning money if he keeps borrowing and wanting this is takeing advantage borrowing every once in a while is ok

What Makes You A Christian
just ask and jesus christ will come in to your life ask hime to for give you of your sins

Cancer Treatment Side Effects
yes there are side affects to cancer treatment i have kin folks with cancer the surgery dont help much

Favorite Family Vacation
ive been on many trips i enjoy all my trips

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