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Pope Has Offended Many Muslims
Thank you, Mark V.

As usual, those who shine a light on conspirators get torn to bits by the demons. Steveng, you really should not have attended seances, because I think you are under demon influence from it. I say this not as an insult, but because you yourself admitted attending them, and exorcisms. Could it be possible that some demons attached themselves to you. I am serious, this is a serious discussion.

Pastor Refused Me In Church
I would not take it personally. Maybe he just did not have the time. I would be interested in more details. Testimonies can sometimes get out of hand, and certain people may not be capable of giving a testimony that glorifies God. Anyway, humiliation is good for you if you take it with a good attitude and do not bear him any ill will.

How To Keep Sunday Holy
Lee, I think we can get a lot closer to the Bible than the generation after, for instance the apostles and Jesus himself, who all celebrated the Jewish Sabbath. I am not a SDA. I just believe in the WHOLE truth and the WHOLE of the commands of God, and the WHOLE of the prophets' words. I do not believe in man's additions or changes, mainly to adapt to pagan celebrations.

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