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Giving To God
islamic religion is a false is just another babylon false religon.allah is not another name 4 God muhaumad himself said he didnt know if he was visited by an angel or he recieved this visit while he was n a cave.he also tried 2 commit suicide several times aftr his visit by the demon if it wasn't lucifer himself,bcause the visions were so troubeling

I Am Afraid Of Death
The Bible is not a weapon to be used by its readers to proove a self serving point our human understanding seems to be one of shallow and very one sided knowledge of the greatest book ever compiled. Fear is not a crime in the christian faith and we dont fear because we lack faith, we fear because we are human and the unknown and the known can frighten us,if i ride a rollercoaster i know whats coming but it still scares me,we fear death because we love one another and going to a new place no matter how great is not a feeling we can comprehend in our present physical form,our lord jesus feared for others and himself in his human form

Christians Live During Tribulation
doesnt everybody go through some sort of tribulation to get to GOD or if they were lucky enough to be raised by there parents with GOD dont they go through some sort of self made tribulation in there walk with GOD, isnt that what shapes you into the person you are your own failed attempts, to altimatly realize you must just follow GOD, listen to GOD, be obident to GOD to be fully happy, joyful, wise, see your perpose as human being being unvailed to you as you walk in his will and not yours.

Christians Live During Tribulation
thank you i have been baptized in the spirit and am now working on forgiveness, selflessness, and obidenence to GOD'S voice inside me, sometime i confuse my own voice with his. thank you for your words of wisdom

Christians Live During Tribulation
(second part) the bible says you must forgive to gain forgiveness therefore i am begining to seek the face of the lord to give me the strenght and curage to forgive. in a perfect world if someone does you wrong and you trully forgive them and ask GOD to lift there judgement for there sin against you they are nolonger in the wrong and you yourself can be forgiven by GOD, that also means thats one less slach or beating jesus had to get before he was crusified (continued)

Christians Live During Tribulation
(third part) now i know that had nothing to do with this blog just felt some needed to hear it. As far as your blog subject if all will go to youtube and CAREFULLY watch all parts of "daniel's timeline" your blog would change from what you believe to what you should do to prepare GOD is comming and i believe the tribulation has allready begun. please know the first couple parts of daniel's time line is alittle boring but it is showing hebrew definitions and scripture to back up the message when you get to the message your jaw will be dropping. all parts will take about a hour and a half to watch. (continued)

Christians Live During Tribulation
hello everybody my name is jason and i am new to the lord well a new start with the lord i have a comment to share with everybody hear about my walk with GOD. i have recently been enlightened by GOD about being saved in GODS word we must belive jesus died for our sins and rose profess that before man be baptized by water and repent (change our mind turn from sin) but the kicker is i realize theres more to it GOD also said we need to be batized by the holy spirt and the thing i am working on now is forgiveness (continued)

Men Wear Hats In Church
I have been struggling with agoreaphobia for
the last 8 years and the only way I cant go into public is to wear a hat because when I have anxiety attacks I sweat and the way I keep it under control long enough to overcome the attack before it gets extreme is to wear a hat that soaks the sweat.its nonsense I know but a security that has helped me to keep from becoming a total recluse listening to church on the radio.
Maybe I should stop going to church since my only way out is considered disrespecful to God.Sadly things arent so cut and dry for me.

I Have Lost Everything
peace be with you,friend. i welcome you to the family of God,first. now,what ever was your life before the lord it was sin in death. now,you must trust in the lord in all things. good or bad. this is your lesson in your christian life. remeber, the lord made a promise to you, i am with you always. in the past you trusted in man. man, can't help you to the kingdom. the lord is purifing you and preparing you for the day you see Him in His glory. you must trust in the lord as much as abram. reflect on his call of sacrifice (his own son).through all your trials keep your eyes on the lord. Peace be with you always,friend.

Visited By A Demon
peace be with you. i read a few comments about this woman and the demon. my view is this, there are THINGS that happen in this world that we can't explain,but one thing is for sure.we are not alone. to thoughs who truly study the WORD OF GOD, you know this is satans realm. and a spiritual war is at hand. so,you must have faith as much as a mustard seed. sorry for your lose. he sleeps with the lord. and what attacked was unexplainable,yes. to say it was a demon that attacked you is to easy.visit your doctor. health and faith is God's plan for you. not fear of attacks in your your bible and pray,my friend.

Giants After The Flood
because not all of the fallen angels had sinned...yet!

Kingdom Of God On Earth Now
Dr. Rich,
Why don't you concetrate on something productive like growing spiritually or trying to know Christ on the level that Paul did instead of causing dissension with all this other garbage.

Who Is Jesus Christ
God said let us make man in our own image who's the our referring to. we are made in three parts body,soul,spirit but we are one creature. There is one God,but three parts Father,Son,and Holy Spirit.

Predestined To Salvation
Matthew from LA is very accurate in what he says. Jesus died for all. predestination is also correct. God predestined all of us to be saved. Some will never accept their "destiny"!

Can I Take The Mark Of The Beast
steveng-i disagree. the ones who take the mark will not be fooled. they will do so knowingly. how would God,our loving father, allow one he calls his child be decieved into hell.

Is There Everlasting Hell
gordon, i just want to say that there IS an everlasting hell. the fire part can be debated in several different ways,but the worst part will be total separation from God. never able to call on Him again!!!!

Predestined To Salvation
the Bible says Jesus bore the sin of the world when He died. Therefore all are called and ALL ARE justified because He died for all sin past,present,and future. but not all will be glorified because not all will accept him.

Affair With My Ex-Fiance
You could have bigger problems now besides adultery. You obviously do not fear God. There is a very good chance that you have been deceiving yourself and that you aren't even a Christian. I don't want you to burn in hell. So you better start repenting and bearing some fruit.

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