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How Do I Know God's Will
I am there also. For me is, do I feel Gods peace about the situation. do you have peace that this is in step with God? God works with what we give Him to work with. I know how it is to not be looking in the direction God is working and not see it. where do you see God working?

Explain This Scripture To Me
I'm just saing what I believe but I'm not a scolar or any thing
Mark 3:29 blasphemy against holy spirit
1 cor. 11:30 become cold to God
hebrews 6:4-8 reject Christ
God can forgive any thing we ask with a pure heart, but turning from God is death

Goods Things About Your Marriage
Sat was the day that I gave my spouse a back rub and we would talk till He fell asleep. then Sun. after church He would rub mine. It was a relaxing/special time. we could tell what the other was thinking. we would have devotions together, life was better for having some one to talk to and share the burdens. suport and back up when disaplining the kids. holding hands, feeling, a future with someone. Having someone to bonce Ideas off of. being able to work toward a goal for our walk for God.

Failed Commitments To God
I geuss it depends if it is some thing God told you to do or some thing from self, I once comitted to never marry {I was 12} but God brought me a husband. that was a commitmet God didn't ask for. then there was a commitment to tithe. I didn't and money for tithe went to repares that came up. I was punished for lack of commitment. is it a commitment God asked you to do?

How To Win The Youth To Christ
the youth are begining to out number the adults in my church. we started by a boy starting a bible study and praying God would bless and multiply this. now teens are trying to bring their parents to God and in a God fearing church. now many pastors are meeting on a monthly basis to focus on the growth. because one boy started a bible study. on day of prayer this boy stood alone and prayed at the flag, because we as adults were not allowed. but we prayed and kids asked him why and lives were changed.

Was The World Made In 6 Days
Good point FF

How Many Animals In The Ark
added imput about ark...
I was told that the ark was a foot ball field long, three storys tall and after the flood, molds and germs were released from in the air and earth center.was over a year and 2 monthes before they were able to step on dry land after ark closed up.this is the 1st rain bow. so Eve nerve saw one.

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