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Your Favorite Saint And Candle
20+ Nasty comments to Moderator from Water Lillie (t3) and A_Catholic....

Moderator - I respect that you disagree with ChristiaNet's policies and I would ask you to respect us by leaving the Christian Blogs. More notes to the Moderator are not needed. Thank you.

Your Favorite Saint And Candle
Moderator, you should give him warning instead of using such attitude It does not reflec good on you and on CN forum. You did not block John T and other member when they were rude and nasty rude.

Moderator - The rules are the warning. And yes, John T is on the edge if he is reading this.

Your Favorite Saint And Candle
Moderator: I speak as a member and if this incident can happen to A-Catholic, it can happen to any of us here.
I don't think your attitude is right by using the word "sour grapes" on any one on this forum is one of the examples.

Moderator - Waterlilly, A_Catholic has sent about 20 nasty messages to the moderators which you and others have not seen due to our Christian attitude of not stiring the waters. Yes, he is close to the point of being blocked for abuse.

Your Favorite Saint And Candle
RCC makes lots of money from candles? Can you please explain the statues that Benny Hinn & J. Bakker have been selling and also other souvenir items on TV. The protestant/evangelical churches on TV sell lots more than the RCC candles. I don't think that your comparison about the candles is acceptable.

Moderator - Other churches are guility of all kinds of false doctrines also. The Roman Catholics don't have a corner on apostasy in the church.

Are You Really Born-Again
Moderator :
You said point everyone back to the Bible is correct but many here who refer back to the Bible, often give their own interpretation, instead. I feel that all members here should pray first before they respond and/or give advice.
Many need deliverance from the spirit of pride and arrogance. So that, they can grow in love and remain in love.

Moderator - People could have a different interpretation based upon their Biblical maturity or they may be parroting someone else whom is promoting a false doctrine. The church is so apostate today whether Catholic or Christian it's no surprise that there are various answers.

Was John The Baptist Saved
This question should redirect to Adam & Eve if you question about whether John the Baptist was saved.

God created them and had already done what was neccessary for them to serve His purpose before the new generations were multiplied.

Shameful Long Haired Men
What a weird question. However, if we look at those ancient Christian paintings, all had long hair. Some even wore the robes like women.

If a man is bald, does it make him a saint?

How Much Church Entertainment OK
This comic is performanced because many church goers always sleep in church :)

That's why sometimes, we hear the church leaders, jumping and screaming on the pulpit :)

Iran Wants To Kill Israel And USA
Experts suspect that Iran has already built a nuclear bomb somewhere in hiding.

The one they show on TV is one of its facilities, using it on the pretext for demanding what they want from the world.

Being Muslims, they will die for the glory of their God. Am not surprised, the atomic bomb buttons are their 'buttons of glory'.

Are You Really Born-Again
I was with both protestant/evengelical churches and their fanaticism not only chased many members away, they became hated by the society due to their arrogance, as well.

At the end, the 3,000 members church shut down.

The Muslims are a perfect example where fanaticism leads to.

Fanaticism, in my book, is being possessed and is a sickeness.

God Told Bush To Invade Iraq
Today, Iranian PM said that he would wipe off Israel and U.S. and God is behind it. (CNN TV News)

Now that Iranian has the greenlight from an Iranian God. Guess Bush is still waiting for his greenlight to invade another.

Only Catholic Church For Salvation
John T: Are you Christian?

Your attitude in telling off A_Catholic with such expression "Now Lay Off" show no Christain Examples.

How could you try to help others to understand with such attitude.

Willing For Ecumenical Movement
John T: I don't see any baiting by A_Catholic. This is an open forum.

Anyone here with PhD does not mean that they carry weight and is always right or is smarter than the others on this forum. We are equal in God's eye.

Therefore, we should boast about Jesus but not ourselves.

Non of the apostle of Jesus had PhD

Is Mary The Mother Of God
Mima :
It is very unChristian like to use the word "physical sack" to describe anyone.

If so, you are calling your own mother a "physical sack" when she conceived you.

God Told Bush To Invade Iraq
Responding to those who wanted the source:

Surf the website and you will find the reports in CNN, BBC, Fox News and other TV media all over the world.

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