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Evolution Among Christians
Warwick: I am NOT sure about your '6 equal length days, as clearly stated in Genesis 1' automatically means 24 hours.

I have looked at some comments about the Hebrew word, and it appears to have two possible means.

In fact, Genesis 1 does NOT say anything about same length days, it mearely usees the hebrew word for day. We always assume a day (normal meaning only) to by 24 hours, but even we, in English, also use 'day' (in my day) to mean other things as well.

You are (reasonably) very attached to the 24 hour idea, and I resepct you for that. But do not take it that someone who does not 'has a problem' or 'is not Christian'

Did Jesus Drink Alcoholic Wine
Wine in biblical times was alcoholic, yes, but it didn't have the additives that are put into modern wine. Although you could get drunk from it then, and even become an alcoholic, it was still better for you. However, the point is, use it in moderation. Don't use it to make yourself sick, or to "drown your sorrows". Never in any scripture did I see a verse where Jesus was drunk. That's the example God set before us, and that's the one I choose to follow.

How Has God Blessed You
God has blessed me in ways too numerous for me to count or to even remember. Most of all, He has taken care of me financially when I could not take care of myself. Yet, I know I'm no different than anyone else. I only know that so many times I have not had enough money to make ends meet but He has provided in mysterious ways. It may be that it is my faith that makes this possible. I cannot explain it. I just know it happens. My friends and family are continually amazed at how this works in my life. It is God's work, not mine.

What Are You Thankful For
I am most thankful for my health for I know that when we have our health we can do something about the other things in our lives. This year I have had several serious health problems but each time God has restored me. This has made me grateful to be able to continue to be able to take care of myself and not have to depend on others, especially my children. They have enough to do taking care of themselves. I am also thankful to God for how He has blessed their lives. We have had more than our share of miracles in 2009. We are all well, have jobs and many problems have been resolved. I hope we will all help others have better lives.

Is God Really There
Sometimes we become too busy to be aware of the presence of God. It took me along time to quiet myself enough to have this awareness. I discovered that I was too busy--too busy working, too busy talking, too busy listening to others, too busy tuning out everything but the business. I became ill and was forced to be quiet. The quietness made me question God's existence. I became deeply depressed and discovered that the worst thing that could happen was not to feel God's presence. In time, it was in the quietness I re-discovered Him. He was there all along. I just did not know how to hear him. He had to teach me. I think He will teach you too. Don't be afraid. Trust Him and He will come to you in surprising ways.

Church That Teaches Grace
Kathr~ It's fine if you feel you need to correct someone and/or help someone for we all need help and guidance at times....but we must remember what it states in 2 Timothy 2:23-25 "Avoid foolish and ignorant disputes, knowing they generate strife. And a servant of the Lord must not quarrel, but be gentle to all, able to teach, patient, in humility correcting those who are in opposition."

Also we must all be reminded what the Bible teaches us about the true character of the new man: tender mercies, kindness, humbleness of mind, meekness, longsuffering, bearing with one another and forgiving, love.

Church That Teaches Grace
Awesome post Mark Eaton...and yes, I feel like that all the time. But God will have his day of vengeance so I put my faith in that.

I hope God builds up a righteous Army before His day of wrath, that people like you and me and many many others, might be able to defend our God, not with the weapons of man, but with the sword of the Spirit.

Church That Teaches Grace
Kathr~ I care about you, but you don't need to give MarkV. such a constant hard time. Calvin had some messed up ways, but he brought out the doctrines of grace. Even Wesley respected these doctrines of grace for they are completely biblical, but the only problem that Wesley really had with TULIP is the only problem I have with it...TULIP is a correct teaching overall if it's understood correctly, but normally many people take advantage of God's grace in these TULIP teachings and turn His grace into a license to sin.

Church That Teaches Grace
MarkV~ I liked your last post, and yes, we most definitely need more truly Holy Spirit filled preachers in our day since the miracle of regeneration comes through hearing the word of God! People need to realize that if a person does not experience an overpowering, complete, regenerated, altogether new, Holy Spirit filled transforming change in their life that now sheds and despises ways of darkness, and now embraces and lives for the ways of Light, that that person is not yet truly saved/elect.

What Is Jesus Waiting For
Linda~ You wrote to me: "I am believing God for the release of the expression of Christ through the sons of God in such a way that everything that flows out of Adam will back up because of the walk of the priests. It isn't the talk, it's the walk."

Linda, can you please explain more specifically what you expect to see in the future in relation to this statement. Thank you. Also can you provide some scripture references if possible, thanks.

Is Remarriage Accepted By God
Good observation Lee. Wal-rev can you please respond to Lee's post. Thank you.

What Is Jesus Waiting For
Mark V. ~(the other blog is closed), Paul Washer does not really teach Calvinism, he mostly just teaches that Calvinism is not the issue, but rather that Regeneration is the issue. I respect him greatly for that. Check out his need to listen to him before drawing a conclusion. I'm not even terribly upset about his version of OSAS because he tells Christians that if they are true Christians they had better make sure their lives are reflecting a continual growth in holiness or else they had best question their salvation. We definitely need more preachers like him in churches of our day.

Today's Biggest Sins
So far I have not heard Linda say anything bizaare, and she is also very polite which I greatly respect and shows the fruits of the Spirit. Mostly Linda is saying that the greatest miracle is the miracle of rebirth/regeneration and she is absolutely right. Other miracles (physical healings, tongues etc.) are probably quite simple in comparison to the miracle of rebirth.

Of course the wrath of God is approaching, but we as Christians must still move on with our God given mission and seek to help lead as many to Christ as possible through the preaching and teaching of the Word so others might come to a saving faith.

Today's Biggest Sins
I have never heard of Christian Now theology. I only listen to preachers like Paul Washer. So I basically only listen to 3 or 4 preachers that I feel are firmly biblically based. In fact I just got off the phone with Heartcry Missionary Society where Paul works. lol

I have only spoken with Linda for my first time this week so I don't fully know her beliefs. I don't doubt that God can possibly work miracles even in our day. God bless.

What Is Jesus Waiting For
Kathr~ If Linda and I want to plead to God for an awakening upon this wicked world...that is what we're going to do. I know I'm not going to waste my life thinking doom and gloom...I'm going to believe that God can do the impossible in this wretched world. I believe that it is always darkest before the dawn. I believe in God's Almighty Power. That is what love is Kath...for love believes all things, bears all things, hopes all things and endures all things. I believe God's love is limitless, and I refuse to put limits on it.

What Is Jesus Waiting For
Linda~ Stay in the hope, and keep passing on the encouraging words. Some people want to put limits on God's Almighty Power. God can awaken this wretched world, and He can rain down/pour down the Holy Spirit through His faithful children who continue to walk steadfast in Him. I am going to keep the faith and believe that His mighty Light can still shine in this vast darkness.

I still have great hopes in a mighty reformation, and a great revival. I do believe...and I'm glad that you do too.

Today's Biggest Sins
Stay in the beautiful faith Linda for as you stated on 10/26: "I believe the greatest miracle that takes place is the translation of one from the power of darkness into the kingdom of His dear Son - someone being born-again, being taken from death unto life. It is because I believe this that raising the dead, healing the sick, casting out demons, and speaking with new tongues is no big deal."

You are not one of little faith like many here. I pray others might have such faith too, and know Christ's mighty power that can work through us.

For as we all know: Many have a form of godliness, but deny the power.

Saved By Doing Things
Miche~ You deserve a big hug for continuing so steadfast. I am so proud of you. You are a lady who wants to make sure that people daily test their faith to make sure they have the evidence of living in the faith so they can be 100% confident of their salvation. This is what the Bible tells us to do...this is part of what it means to work out our salvation with fear and trembling. How we NEED more strong men and women like you in this day who encourages us to grow in the Lord. God bless you sister.

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